About Diane.


Hello! My name is Diane. I live in Columbus, Ohio with my husband Marty and our dog, Roscoe.


In June 2011, I was inspired by my friend’s blog and decided to begin my own (as an outlet to share the happenings of my daily life with my friends and family.) I don’t consider my blog an outlet for my best writing; however, it’s more of an outlet for creativity and random thought.

When I started this blog, I was a college student about to begin my last year at the Ohio State University. I was an English  major and I was dating a high school English teacher.

A couple of months later, this happened…

Wedding 7

Marty and I were married in October 2011; I couldn’t be more blessed by our relationship.

A lot has happened since those first days of blogging: I graduated from Ohio State, traveled the country for our honeymoon, and ran my first (and second) half marathons. Nowadays, I work as a nanny for two adorable children while finishing up my 4-12 teaching license. I look forward to sharing more of my life with those of you willing to follow along!

Thank you for visiting,


10 thoughts on “About Diane.

      1. I do occasionally…I was there for Christmas, then again at the beg. of May for my sister’s graduation from OSU, and then for my wedding on May 18th 🙂 It will probably be awhile until I’m there again; life has been crazy with other weekend trips, friends’ weddings, etc. But maybe a blogger meet-up one day?!

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