Welcome Benjamin David.

On Thursday, September 19th at 9:34am, our third baby arrived. Marty and I welcomed our sweet son, Benjamin David. His arrival was slow to start but ended up in quite an intense final ten minutes. We feel incredibly blessed (hate to use a cliche word but it’s all encompassing of our feelings) to have had a healthy babe and am so grateful for all of the wonderful nurses/doctors that helped make his arrival as safe as could be.

Here is a ‘timeline of events’ leading up to Benjamin’s arrival:

  • Friday, 9/13: 40 weeks pregnant. I made it full-term. Come on now, baby! We want to meet you (and I was quite ready to no be pregnant anymore…) Cervix was around 2cm dilated; however, I was merely 50% effaced. I was quite surprised because I had honestly been having pressure in my pelvis for close to a week so I figured the time was coming.
  • Saturday 9/14 – Tuesday (DAY) 9/17 : 40.5 weeks pregnant. Still no contractions. Just waiting waiting waiting…
  • Tuesday (NIGHT) 9/17 : Starting to feel pressure build. I spoke to my sister and she said to head to the hospital before I’d assume to do so. With her third baby (born just a month prior), she was barely in any pain and made it to the hospital around 6cm dilated. I wanted to be sure that I could get an epidural so I didn’t want to risk it. I called Grace and Pete (my sister-in-law and her boyfriend) to come watch the kids, we were going to head to the hospital. We arrived around 1045PM and after being checked, I was still only at 2cm with 50% effaced. I told them I had walked 10,000 steps that day but I was happy to walk for another hour around the hospital if my doctor thought it would help. They said probably not at that point so I just waited for an hour in bed for them to check me again…still no progress. We headed back home around 145AM.
  • Wednesday (MORNING), 9/18: Still no real signs of labor. Pressure in my hips continued but still no intense contractions (at least nothing that wasn’t very sporadic.) I treated myself to a cinnamon/sugar pumpkin donut and a coffee for lunch.
  • Wednesday (AFTERNOON): OBGYN appointment to check on my progress. I was still at 2cm dilated with only around 50% effacement. My doctor asked if she could plan an induction for Saturday morning. She said she only wanted to only break my water to get things moving. I was hesitant but I knew the baby would make their appearance before then (at least I was mostly sure…)

  • Wednesday (EVENING): Still lots of pelvic pressure and sporadic contractions. I went to bed as normal figuring it’d most likely happen in the middle of the night. I wanted to get a good nights rest, just in case. 

  • Thursday (EARLY EARLY MORNING): I wake up around 3:30AM to what I thought was my water breaking – I’m still not quite sure what that was but I knew it was time to head to the hospital. We called Grace [sister-in-law] and Pete [her boyfriend/our duplex tenant] to come over to watch the kiddos. I told Grace she could join us at the hospital after I had gotten the epidural. Contractions are starting to begin…

  • 4:45AM(ish): I had lots of discomfort walking into the hospital and took a handful of breaks before we even made it up labor and delivery….We are admitted into labor and delivery! I’m at 5cm! Whoo-hoo. As we waited for a nurse to take us over to the room, contractions became more intense and were around every two minutes. 

  • 5:530AM(ish): In lots of pain at this point. Contractions are every couple of minutes and I can barely speak with the nurses before another arrives. The nurse told me, “You are handling these really well. I think you can make it without an epidural if you want to try!” I told her I was thankful for her confidence in my ability; however, I was not wanting to feel the ‘ring of fire’ of the pushing process.

  • 6:00AM(ish): We made it to our labor and delivery room and about thirty minutes later, I was able to get an epidural. I was really nervous to receive the epidural this time but compared the last contraction I felt (prior to receiving the epidural) – it was honestly not painful. Just a cold sting. 

  • 7:00-8:00AM: My mom and dad arrive. Grace not too long after. The five of us hung out in the room until around eight when the doctor came in to break my water. As soon as it was broken, we saw that the babe had pooped inside of me (which would’ve have been great had he swallowed when he took his first breath.) They said it is common for babies that go past their due date to have the ‘meconium’ in there and not to be alarmed.
  • 9:22AM: I was checked again and was told that I had made it to ‘completion’ – 10cm. The nurse, Polly, said that I could take my time since the baby hadn’t fully dropped yet. She said that the doctor had run to Dublin and would be on her way back so I didn’t need to start pushing right away. 
  • 9:22AM-?: Within minutes, as we were all still chatting, the nurse called over the phone, “I need hands. Emergency.” I had several nurses rush into the room and they told me I had to push the baby out right away. Heart Rate in the 40s. I was in shock. They were asking me if I remembered how to push. I felt like I could barely respond because it went from happy-go-lucky to intense. They pulled the stirrups out, turned on the light, put the mask over my face and said, let’s go, you’re having a contraction remember you can do this.” I told them I just didn’t have the urge but I’d do what I remembered from my other births. 
  • 9:34AM: Baby is born! (After maybe 30 or so seconds, we heard the cry.) I ask, “What is it?” A BOY! I was weeping at this point (as I was for a lot of the pushing process) and watched as the NICU nurses took him away to make sure he was okay. After seven minutes he was back on my chest. I spent the next hour nursing, skin-to-skin with him. 


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