Yesterday was one of the best Halloween nights I’ve experienced as an adult. We were worried that trick-or-treating was going to be a rainy mess but the showers held off long enough for the kiddos to get outside for about an hour (which was plenty of time for a toddler and preschooler.)

For costumes this year, Charlotte was a princess and Martin was a dragon. I originally had them dressed as Peter Pan and Tinker Bell but Charlotte’s fairy wings ended up falling apart so we made a last minute switch. Oh well! I think their costumes turned out adorable. I even put a touch of makeup on Char before she headed out; she was thrilled!

Once the kiddos were back, we enjoyed a vegetarian sweet potato/black bean chili and Charlotte watched Room on the Broom (inspired by one of our favorite spooky books.) She surprisingly didn’t consume as much candy as I expected (and I honestly didn’t really set limits on the amount she could have – it was Halloween, after all!)

After the kiddos were in bed, Marty and I watched half of a ‘not-so-festive’ movie: The Graduate. It was an all-around great evening. I’m already starting to brainstorm costume ideas for next year!

halloween night-38

And lastly, a photo of our Halloween craft:

halloween night-2

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