What We Drank
– Wine. Lots of wine. We took a trip to Los Alamos and stopped in to Lo Fi Wine & Muni Wines . I have to say, I rediscovered my love for wine on this trip (and cheese + bread!)
– Wellness shots at Cafe Gratitude. You’d think, by looks alone, that these would’ve been delicious but we quickly realized how appearances can be quite deceiving. Just look at the ingredients in these (I must mentioned that Kristina ordered them without Katrina and I scanning over the menu; we were blindsided): Balanced [coconut kefir, bioavailable probiotic fermented B12] Stimulated [fermented probiotic kim chee juice, lemon, ginger] Brave [lemon, turmeric, ginger, cayenne, essential oil of oregano]
– As always, lots of coffee!

What We Ate
– Lots of vegetarian/vegan dishes. One of my girlfriends on the trip has been a vegan for almost fifteen years. I don’t mind lots of veggies and was excited to eat more vegan meals. I really love Cafe Gratitude in Venice but another new discovery (for me) was Gracias Madre in West Hollywood. It’s a tad pricey but totally worth it! The plant-based Mexican food was so delicious – specifically the Crispy Potato Chorizo Taco a la Carta (salsa roja, cashew crema, pickled cabbage, crispy onions) and Gordita (potato-masa cake, warm salsa verde, avocado, cashew crema)

What We Did
– Hiking (as is typical on my trips to California.)
– Wine Country Vineyard Tour (We visited the Zaca Mesa Winery. Great wines and I particularly enjoyed their white wines.)
– Cinespia (We did this the last time I visited LA. Every week a movie is shown and patrons can bring blankets, pillows, picnic dinners, alcoholic beverages to enjoy a movie under the stars. This time around we watched the classic film, The Graduate.)

Other Memorable Moments
– Celebrating my THIRTIETH birthday! We dined at Gracias Madre and went bowling at Highland Park Bowl (the oldest bowling alley in LA.) I couldn’t imagine having more fun on my birthday.
– We saw Ana Gasteyer (from SNL in the 90s)  twice (!) Once at brunch on Sunday morning and then again for dinner on Monday night.

California Trip-185

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