Currently: February


determined to lose the baby weight (well, post-baby weight.)  I’ve found that I’m a stress eater and have put on close to twelve pounds since Mr. Martin has arrived. It’s not that I’m eating junk, I’m just eating too much. I’ve started to work with The Body Biz and am already down seven percent body fat and eight pounds in six weeks. I’m hoping to lose a little more than what I’ve gained through emotional eating but also just hoping to have a more healthy relationship with food.

watching Alex French Guy Cooking on Youtube. This guy is great! Marty has been watching him for cooking tips + recipes and shared him with me this past week. I find him quite charming and entertaining. SUBSCRIBE!

donating a ton gently-used clothing. I’m in major purge mood. I typically donate to Volunteers of America or Goodwill but decided to start donating to local shelters. (Note: I believe that V.O.A. gifts excess intake/money back into to the community but I’ve read some sketchy things about the ‘higher-ups’ of Goodwill.) Anyways, I was convicted to donate to a shelter as a way to directly give back to my community.

working two nights a week. Hooray for finally being able to go back to work. I started around the end of February and have honestly really enjoyed my couple nights away. It really breaks up the week for me. It also gives Marty some time alone with the kiddos which is a good thing!

continuing to work on my podcast with Megan. What started as an occasional ‘creative project’ has turned into something that I really love. We’ve grown bigger than expected and it has been so wonderful connecting with other ‘minimalist mama’s from around the world (!) I’m hoping to take over the majority of the photography for our episode releases (as we have just being using stock photography since the inception.) I can’t wait to meet more likeminded people this year.

anticipating spring weather. We haven’t had the best weather in Columbus the past couple of weeks. As Tuesday marked the first official day of spring, it has felt more like winter. Looking forward to warmer days ahead where I can get out for more than a handful of minutes each day.

What’s something that’s currently going on with you this month?

What do you have to say about this post? Any thoughts? Comments?

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