As of today, we only have three and a half more weeks until Baby Boden #2 is due to arrive (though I’m hoping it’ll be a little bit sooner than later!) I can’t say I’m quite ready for the transition from one to two kiddos; however, I’m definitely done with pregnancy. I’m so looking forward to sleeping on my belly again and, despite that I’ll be getting up to nurse a newborn, I’m looking forward to actually being tired at night (as opposed to the insomnia struggle I’ve faced for the past three months.)

I had maternity photos taken when I was about thirty-six weeks pregnant with Charlotte so I figured it’d be nice to have them taken around the same time with this little one.

My talented, creative sister met me at Battelle Metro Park and we snapped a few photos with Charlotte in tow. Unfortunately the ticks are really bad this season so we were only out there for about twenty minutes but I am so pleased with how these turned out.

BB2 Maternity_-7BB2 Maternity_-11BB2 Maternity_-19Thank you again to my sister! I will cherish these photos forever.BB2 Maternity_-46.JPGBB2 Maternity_-56BB2 Maternity_-66BB2 Maternity_-93.JPGBB2 Maternity_-105.JPG

Also, I had to include this one that I snapped before we headed out:BB2 Maternity_-36

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