On Thursday morning, my cousin and I ventured out to a local strawberry patch. We wanted our kiddos to experience freshly picked strawberries – so we put them to work! It was so fun to watch them spend the sunny morning together, working towards filling up their little cartons.

I will say that they probably consumed more strawberries than picked but I think that’s part of the fun!

If you’re in the Columbus area, I highly recommend Doran’s Farm! Everyone that worked there was super helpful and friendly.  Strawberry PatchStrawberry Patch-10Strawberry Patch-11Strawberry Patch-15Strawberry Patch-16Strawberry Patch-20Strawberry Patch-17Strawberry Patch-32Strawberry Patch-32Strawberry Patch-44Strawberry Patch-57Strawberry Patch-48Strawberry Patch-50Strawberry Patch-53.JPG

One thought on “A Sweet Start to Summer

  1. The photos capture the activity perfectly! The subjects are adorable, and the scenery/background paint the picture of your afternoon so well to the point where I feel so engaged in it all. Definitely keepers!

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