A recap of a great trip is better late than never. I just had to share some of the excitement with you all.

What We Drank

– Coffee. Coffee. ….and more coffee. I may not have gotten my daily allotment of water; however, my coffee intake was not a problem.

What We Ate:

–  Actually, a lot of vegetarian food. Everything is just so fresh out there.
– ‘Amazebowls’ made up of coconut milk, kale, spinach, mango, pineapple + almond butter.
– Ahi Poke ‘Bowls’ from Sweetfin Poke.
– Avocado toast – this was beyond any avocado toast I have created at home. Somewhat of a gourmet take on the idea.
– So much bread. Almost every morning of my trip, we walked to a nearby cafe for coffee and a toast plate. Fresh, homemade bread = simple yet delicious. Can’t forget about the butter + jam that comes alongside.

What We Did:

– Culver City Stairs. During my last visit, we completed two trips up the gargantuan hill. We hiked up the stairs and then ran about a mile and a half to the bottom three times. I almost threw up but, nonetheless, it was a great workout. I wish there were outdoor workout options like this in Columbus!

– We spent a great deal of our time outside. On my first day, I walked from Marina del Rey to Santa Monica (taking in the sights and stopping for food along the way.) The next day we dined at the whimsical Malibu Cafe (a cafe completely outdoors), followed by a hike near Zuma Beach.  We concluded our day in with wine flights at Malibu Wines (a completely outdoor winery.) On my last day, we hiked around the Hollywood Hills and got a view of the Hollywood sign.

  • Malibu Cafe. If you guys are ever in the area, you HAVE to stop at this charming, eclectic, outdoor cafe. We got there right as it opened so we were able to sit pretty much wherever we’d like. It reminded me of a restaurant you’d see in Alice in Wonderland.

– Hiking up to the Hollywood sign. I’m not quite sure which trail we decided to hike but we were able to get a good view of the recognizable sign.
The Last Bookstore. A must-see for book lovers. Or really anyone that loves unique landmarks.

Cinespia: One of my favorite activities was screening the The Muppet Movie at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Other Memorable Moments:
– After breakfast on my first morning, I headed to Marina del Rey to visit with the lovely Kate and her precious new son. I also got to meet the famous Frank (her adorable bulldog she often posts about.) I so wish we lived closer to one another.




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