Oh, New York. Each visit I find myself longing for more time there –  the food, the ‘walk-ability’, the subway, the fast-paced culture. I cannot. get. enough. Maybe I’d feel differently if I actually lived there; however, I don’t see that happening anytime in my near future, thus I’ll continue to take trips to get my ‘fix’.


Marty and I spent a lovely four days in the city – sans baby! While I missed her, the trip was a much needed break. Over the past fourteen months, Marty and I have only gone on a handful of date nights. Sure, we’ll take her along with us to a happy hour but it’s rare that we spend intentional, uninterrupted time with one another. This trip really helped to reconnect us. I feel like our relationship is starting off strong in this new year!

We spent New Year’s Eve at a French wine bar in Brooklyn (specifically the Williamsburg area.) The space was intimate and the owner was knowledgable and generous – even giving us homemade French desserts to celebrate the new year. We shared a bottle of wine and a cheese plate while talking about our goals and intentions for 2016. I am all about quieter venues. Big, loud crowds are not so enjoyable these days.

That majority of our trip was spent revisiting our previous ‘haunts’ – Ninth Ward Bar, Pasticcera Rocco, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Saigon Shack, the Hummus Place, Housing Works Bookstore + Cafe, McNally Jackson Bookstore, and The Strand. What can I say? We’re creatures of habit.

I’m so thankful for this trip and cannot wait to head back in December!

Diane’s Recommendations:

Pasticceria Rocco: Thus far, the most delicious pastries and cookies we’ve found in the city. The large specialty and butter cookies are my favorites. I highly recommend the soft oatmeal cookie or the black & white cookie.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Although we’d been to The Met several times in the past, this time was the first we’d taken a tour. I can’t say enough good things about taking a tour through the museum. We took a couple (free (!)) tours and learned more than we expected.
Saigon Shack: We stumbled upon the Saigon Shack during our second trip to NYC and it was just as good as I remember. Vegetarian pho = best I’ve ever had. The broth is different than any I’ve been able to find in Columbus and you can tell that high quality ingredients are used in each bowl. This place doesn’t look like much on the outside but they do a killer business. Try to avoid during the lunch/dinner ‘rush hour’ – you may be waiting for a while.
Coppola’s West: If you’re in the mood for Italian I highly recommend Coppola’s West. We just happened to stumble upon this charming, little eatery one evening. We ordered the ‘Mom’s Meatball’ (marinara, mozzarella, thinly sliced meatball, red onions, basil) thincrusted pizza – it did not disappoint!
Comedy Cellar: Who doesn’t love a good standup performance? You reserve seats online and get to the venue twenty-thirty beforehand to confirm your seats. The show was about an hour and a half and each comic held their own. Michael Che from SNL: Weekend Update closed the show – he was hilarious!

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18 thoughts on “The City That Never Sleeps.

  1. Diane, your photos are so so so fabulous. You are so talented with the camera! Your photos make me feel like I am in New York- you capture its essence. So happy you guys had such a special trip and that you got some alone time! What a great start to 2016!
    ps…what did you use to create the photo collage?

    1. Thanks Kate! I appreciate your compliments 🙂 I actually didn’t use any app or special website to make the collages. I just inserted a photo gallery into the WordPress post. You can choose which type of gallery you want. I think this one was ’tiled mosaic’ 🙂 Let me know if you are having trouble finding it. I’ll try to give you better details.

  2. You take such gorgeous photos! When Jesse and I finally make it to NYC I’m definitely coming to you for advice on what to visit. Good for you and Marty for taking a trip together!

  3. I loved all your pics on instagram from this trip! I have heard once you have a baby getting “just the two of you” time with your partner can be a little trickier. Glad to hear you and Marty enjoyed yourselves so much. It’s funny you mentioned stand up comedy, because I have never been to a show (in any city) and just this past weekend when I was in Chicago I saw advertisements for a comedy show and started wondering what it would be like. I think I’m adding it to my list of things to do next time I’m in New York or Chicago.

  4. jon and i are taking our first trip sans baby next weekend, and i’m pretty excited about a whole weekend of ‘us’ time 🙂 maybe we’ll even get to NYC sometime and check out some of these recommendations – we both love the city, but we’ve never been there together.

  5. I LOVE that you guys do an annual trip together. You absolutely need and deserve to have a break from Mommy-hood once and awhile. Plus, NYC is one of my fave places. And, can we talk about how you drowned yourselves in books, art and coffee while you were there!?! #sofab #yourock

  6. I’m glad that you were able to get away as a couple. Your New York trips always look like so much fun!

    Jordan and I haven’t been great about going out alone (we’ve actually only been on one intentional date since having Amelia — oops) either. I thought it’d be easy to get away with so much family close by, but people have their own lives and I’m very attached to her and get nervous leaving! I think I’ll feel better leaving once she’s older and not so dependent on me.

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