Yesterday morning the three of us headed out to Cackler Tree Farms in search of our Christmas tree. This was our third year cutting down our own tree – a tradition we really enjoy. Charlotte absolutely loved the maze of trees; she wandered around inspecting them while collecting handfuls of fallen needles. The weather was fairly mild (compared to last year) so we were able to take our time to explore and find just the right one. Can you believe we found one for just $20? We’ve never spent under $50 in years past. Definitely a steal! I look forward to decorating our tree in the coming days (we just have to remember to keep the breakable ornaments near the top this year…)

Do you cut down your own tree?

10 thoughts on “How Lovely Are Your Branches.

  1. So cute!! Since I’ve been in my current apartment- at least for the last few years- I’ve gone the root of an artificial tree. It’s just easier but I do love a real tree, especially the kind that smells up the whole house. It just makes it smell like Christmas.

  2. CUTEST photos ever mygaahh. My family used to always cut our tree, but as we got older we resorted to the fake one. When I get my own family I will go back to cutting my own!

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