October: Currently.

reading The Night Circus and re-reading the Harry Potter series. I feel like these are great options for the season!

re-committing to mindfulness (in all areas of life.) I need to be more careful with my words, my eating habits (which have been OUT OF CONTROL this month), the way I spend my time…it’s so easy to create bad habits. Now if only breaking them were as easy…

looking forward to Halloween. I can’t wait to dress-up Charlotte this year; she’s going to be a lady bug. I don’t think we’ll take her trick-or-treating but she’ll definitely be on the front porch with us while we pass out candy. 

listening to The Paleo Women & Wellness Beets podcasts. While I don’t practice a ‘paleo’ lifestyle one hundred percent of the time, I can see the benefits. 

counting the days until Thanksgiving! My absolute favorite holiday! Marty and I plan to run in our local Turkey Trot this year and I can’t decide if I should bring Charlotte along and push her in the jogging stroller? I’m not sure if I could handle five miles of that…

chasing little miss Charlotte around the house. We officially have a walker in the Boden household. Just when my anxiety for her safety was starting to fade…eek!

celebrating my four-year wedding anniversary (on the 22nd!) Nothing too fancy – dinner at a new-ish Columbus restaurant! It’ll be nice to have some time as just the two of us.

watching the movie ‘Inside Out’. If you haven’t seen this – add it to your list! Wonderfully (and uniquely) written + a touching storyline. 

looking forward to celebrating Charlotte’s ‘Woodland One-derland’ party at the end of the month. How is she almost one?! 

How have you been spending October?

9 thoughts on “October: Currently.

  1. that little photo montage at the top of this page truly melts my heart. you have such gorgeous photography! and yes, i see the how the night circus and harry potter would both be wonderful reads for the season. i’ve been having bad luck with books lately, maybe i should re-read some old favorites? good luck with the turkey trot (bringing the stroller or not!)

  2. I hope you had a great time celebrating your anniversary!

    Jesse’s company did some promotional work with Pixar when “Inside Out” was about to release so we got to attend a premiere in San Francisco – it was really fun and we loved the movie! We could relate to the characters…having moved from MN to the bay area we especially laughed at how well they portrayed the (bizarre) differences in SF 🙂

    We can’t decide on whether to dress Roen up for Halloween. He’s so little that he won’t remember or even know he’s dressed up, but I kind of feel a parental obligation to do so. We don’t have plans for the day (not Halloween fans), so we may just put him in a cute halloween outfit and call it good. What are you dressing up Charlotte as?

  3. Harry Potter is always a good choice. I can’t wait to see photos of your Halloween! My October has been spent exploring when I can, and appreciating the colors!

  4. This October I feel like I have been taking it a bit easy from the blogging world, which is true because I went on a little vacation last week, and this week I am on a business trip in Chicago, but I am trying to get back into Blogging! Totally missed it, which is funny, however, it’s really great to take a break every so often! It may actually happen more often 😉 And I mean, the holidays are coming up so….. Yeah. LOL

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