August: Currently.

enjoying (much needed) ‘girl time’. I’ve had a couple of opportunities to get out of the house (sans baby) for some much needed ‘girl time’ this month. While I’m thankful for a couple of playdates each week – time without Charlotte is something I haven’t done much of since she was born. I plan to be more intentional with my baby-free breaks this fall.

implementing a new morning routine. I just haven’t been able to get into any type of morning routine since Charlotte has been born. As a nanny, I thrived on a schedule; however, motherhood hasn’t had the same affect. I finally sat down and wrote out a plan that we’re – slowly but surely – sticking to!

drinking a variety of delicious wines. Gotta love working at a wine bar! 

shaking my head at the mid-season finale of Pretty Little Liars. Yes: I watch this show on Hulu (no judgement until you’ve seen the first episode.) Simply addictive!

finishing The Christian Atheist and Jesus > Religion. I HIGHLY recommend both of these books to 1) fellow Christians & 2) anyone who is searching for answers about God and TRUE Christian community + biblical love. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed. 

obsessed with jogger pants. This is one trend I can’t get enough of. How comfortable! What do you think?

20 thoughts on “August: Currently.

  1. First of all, that picture of your daughter is THE CUTEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN. Seriously, I’m dying over it. Secondly, jogger pants. I need to try some on! I can’t decide if I can pull them off or not, but comfortable clothes are my jam. 🙂 Happy weekend!

  2. Thanks for the book recommendations!!! And why haven’t I heard of these jogger pants?! Make no apologies for PLL’s. It’s one of the best shows and I couldn’t believe the mid-season finale either! But I still don’t understand what was Sarah’s role in all of this.

  3. Beautiful pictures!! You’re baby girl is simply the most precious!! …and wow! I def want to checkout those books!! Thanks for the suggestions! 🙂

  4. That first photo of Charlotte should be in a magazine. She’s such a beauty! Im happy you’ve been able to get out with girlfriends this past month. It sounds like you really needed the time. Good luck with the schedule planning. I know for me, once I wrote it on paper it really helped.

    1. Definitely a guilty pleasure like the Bachelor! And thank you! Your little ones are so sweet, too. I wish we could get them together to play. Boo.

      Also – I am working at a wine bar! Marty watches Charlotte in the evenings for me 2-3 times each week. It has been working out really well. A nice ‘break’ for me and some wonderful daddy-daughter bonding time for them! 🙂

    1. I think the fall would be a perfect time to start; it gets dark early and makes for the perfect setting to watch. Actually, there were times last fall (when I was watching home alone) that I’d have to stop because I got so freaked out. Ha!

  5. that first picture of charlotte is absolutely adorable. i have watched the first few seasons of PLL and i agree it’s totally addicting. i stopped watching because them continuously getting so close to finding out who A is and then of course not finding out who A is got very very VERY annoying to me. i still like the show, but my frustration was building. i think i’ll go back to it someday!

    1. Thanks Carrie! It definitely is addicting but I just had to find out who A was! It was annoying to have to wait for so long. I stopped last season for a bit but started watching again when Parenthood ended. Ha.

  6. I’m loving the jogger pant trend too! I just bought a pair to wear after the baby’s born. They actually fit somewhat decently now, but they don’t look great with a huge belly, haha.

    Jordan and I have already had discussions about “me time” after the baby’s born. He goes to bible study one night a week directly from work and doesn’t get home until bedtime (which will mean I’m alone ALL day with the baby), so we agreed that I can also pick one night a week to get away and do something. I’m hoping it works out!

    1. That’s great that you’re on the same page with Jordan 🙂 Marty knew how important my workouts were (and are) to me so he gave me an hour on most days to get a workout in. Once Charlotte turned three months I was able to take her to the gym with me so I don’t get as many breaks as I once did. I’m hoping to have some regular meet ups without Charlotte this fall!

  7. My sister in law loves ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and I always say I should spend a couple free afternoons diving into it! So happy you’ve been able to fit in girl time – even just catching up with my girlfriends on the phone can be so refreshing and nice 🙂

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