My Growing Girl.

Oh how my girl is changing!

Can you believe that Charlotte is nine months old? I know I can’t. At this time last summer I was quite pregnant; I can still remember her kicks in my belly.

Charlotte Updates:

Overall Development: Our sweet girl is healthy and growing. She has the most mellow, go-with-the-flow, cheery disposition. It’s amazing to watch her personality blossom. Her babbling is absolutely precious and she regularly says ‘dada’ and ‘mama’ (though we don’t think she’s aware of the association quite yet.) Charlotte is crawling, pulling herself up to stand and can even take a few steps without support. She currently wears 6-9 month clothing though she’ll probably be in 9-12 month sizes in the next couple of weeks. It’s becoming a little more tricky to button each button around those hefty thighs of hers! 😉

Eating: We introduced solids around seven months. I realize this is a bit later than ‘normal’; however, Charlotte was healthy and I really wanted to hold off until at least six months to introduce any type of food. We went ahead and skipped cereal altogether. Her first food was avocado (which she was indifferent about) and then sweet potato slices (she absolutely loved – and still does!) Her favorite foods are banana and peanut butter (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree); she also enjoys eggs and turkey with hummus. I’m still nursing Charlotte several times a day (we usually feed her food before or after she nurses) and have no plans to give it up until 1) she self-weans or 2) she’s somewhere between 18-24 months.

Sleeping: All in all, baby girl is a good sleeper. She’ll typically take a forty-five minute nap twice a day (sometimes she’ll go an hour or so – I think it really depends on how long we let her stay up after she wakes for the day.) It’s nice to have a little break here and there.

We’ve got a nice evening routine down; however, I’m ready for her to sleep through the night! She has been sleeping from about 8pm-12am then 12am-5am then I typically put her back down until 730/8am. Our pediatrician suggested I stop feeding her during the night (and I’ve definitely backed off from the number of feedings); however, I’m just not ready to give it up completely. Catch 22.

Favorites: All things outside! Charlotte loves to swim; she really is a little fish in the water. She still loves to go on walks. The moment we pull out the Bijorn she becomes all giddy. It’s adorable.

Least Favorites: She is not a fan of having her face or hands wiped off. If it were up to her she’d have peanut butter in her hair all day long…

Fun News: Keep your eyes open for Charlotte in the upcoming Similac ‘Non-GMO’ print campaign. After noticing a casting call for 3-8 month old babies, I decided to see what would come of it. Charlotte ended up being selected as one of four to show up to the shoot and ended up being chosen as one of two babies in the final advertisement. I don’t have access to the photos yet but I’ll most definitely share once I do!

Coming Up: Charlotte’s first plane ride at the end of August. We’re flying to Los Angeles to visit my best friend for a few days. I’m somewhat nervous about the flight but fingers crossed that she’ll sleep at least half of the time.


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