June: Currently.

grateful for a new part-time job. I will be working as a server at a local wine bar! It’s the perfect fit for my schedule and I’m so excited to learn more about wine.

loving my new sandals. I still love my Birkenstock’s but these sandals are like floating on air!

feeling overwhelmed with feeding Charlotte solids. It’s so much easier to nurse a baby than sit them down to feed them.

thanking God for a small group study at our new (!) church. I read ‘One Thousand Gifts’ a couple of months ago and am excited to go back through it with a group of women. “The way to give thanks in all things: give thanks in this one small thing. The moments add up.”

celebrating all of Charlotte’s milestones. Crawling, first foods, and swimming! She’s on the move and loving every moment. 

finishing this book. Completely exceeded my expectations. I look forward to reading more from author, Katherine Center.

prepping myself for a Whole30 Challenge. I’ve been contemplating this challenge for the past couple of months and have finally decided to try it out. The majority of my eats are Whole30 ‘compliant’ so I don’t know if there will be that much of a change but I’m excited to see how I feel cutting out legumes, Greek yogurt and grains for a month. Will definitely report back!

accepting that date nights look a little different than they used to (but making the most of time together.)

booking a flight to Santa Monica to see my best friend.

embracing every moment of these warm, sunny days. The vast majority of our day is spent outside!

17 thoughts on “June: Currently.

  1. oh goodness, i can’t tell you how much i’ve come to enjoy nursing max. i enjoy spending that time with him, but it’s also just so convenient – find a spot and he’s fed in a bit. the food introduction will be interesting, and i’d love if you keep providing updates on what works/what doesn’t 🙂

  2. Love lots of outdoor time with Baby EJ too!! He sleeps so well after a long day outdoors. Good luck with the Whole 30. It’s always a good challenge. I would like to do one, but I know July isn’t the month since we will be traveling. Hope you are enjoying that new job!!!!

  3. I’m so jealous you’re visiting Kristina!!! The second I get a job I’m planning a trip. Also, those sandals look divine- I might have to get some.


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