No Longer a Newborn.

And just like that my sweet baby is now three months old.

Everyone told me that time would fly by and it definitely did. I look at photos of her from when she was a newborn and cannot get over how much she’s changed. It’s amazing!

What a wonderful three months it has been. Charlotte is a wonderful baby. Her smile is simply the best and I typically spend the better part of our time trying to get her to do it more! She’s begun to recognize faces and is developing quite a little personality. She is the happiest little lady in the morning and I love spending time with her after she wakes up. Speaking of sleep, I am extremely fortunate with this one. Even in her first weeks of life, I only had to get up 1-2x/night to nurse! Sleeping baby = sleeping mommy = happy times for everyone! 

Of course, it’s not always rainbows + sunshine as she definitely has a ‘witching’ hour(s); however, I’m becoming more and more familiar with how to figure out her needs during that time (usually between 5-7PM) and, truthfully, sometimes you just have to let them cry.

In terms of myself, I’m feeling content and very grateful. I may start to pursue some part-time work but an exact date is still up in the air. I started exercising around four weeks postpartum (nothing too strenuous) and kicked it up a notch around six weeks. I had a bit of abdominal separation with pregnancy; however, my doctor told me that I needed to focus on strengthening my core in order to pull the muscles back together (and so I can safely haul around my growing baby!)

  • Charlotte loves:
    • smiling
    • bath time
    • napping
    • sucking on her hands
    • staring at ceiling fans (& lights of all sorts)
    • sitting in her Bumbo seat
    • bouncing about in her jumper
  • Charlotte does not enjoy:
    • sitting in her swing (she becomes fussy the minute I set her down)
    • the hours of 5-7ishPM (her ‘witching’ hours)
    • wearing any type of bow/wrap on her head
    • feeling cold after bath time

I want to end with a big thank you for those of you who regularly leave sweet comments on here (and my other forms of social media.) Reading through your comments brightens my day and I’m just really thankful for this supportive blogging community.

31 thoughts on “No Longer a Newborn.

  1. I love these photos of Charlotte! She’s simply beyond- so perfect. I love the first three photos. What a great idea to photograph her each month next to the stuffed animal for scale. SO GOOD! Love reading about your adventures with motherhood.

  2. Charlotte is beautiful! That’s interesting that she doesn’t like the swing. I am due with my first baby soon and we got a really nice swing for free from a friend. I was really looking forward to using it but never considered that she might not like it! The witching hours are also interesting. I’ve heard of that before. It sounds like you’re adjusting to motherhood really well!

  3. She is just such an adorable baby! I’m really glad to hear things are going well and you’re soaking up all you can with her. I can only imagine how fast the time flies, especially when they’re brand new. Also, I’m thankful to read about someone who didn’t say nights were just terrible – I realize being tired for a while is basically unavoidable, but some people make it sound like you’re near death for 2 months.

  4. OH my word!! She is TOO cute!! Seriously, what a precious little baby girl you have! Love the photos w. her baby toy at each month! How sweet!

  5. awww, what a lovely lovely girl! i have to say, i’ve found following your blog very encouraging throughout my pregnancy – you always provide such practical, inspiring and encouraging information for the upcoming stage of my life 🙂 oh, and you accompany it all with lovely photos ❤

  6. She’s adorable!! Glad to see that everything is going well for you and your family. (I don’t know anyone that likes being cold after bathtime!) : )

    1. I love Wooly too 🙂 I thought it would be a cute way to document but I’m also doing monthly chalkboard photos, too. She probably thinks I’m nuts with our monthly photo-shoots but I hope she’ll appreciate the photos one day!

  7. She is just the sweetest thing! Love all the pictures you share on the blog and on Instagram. It has been so fun to watch you guys grow over the past few months. I’m thrilled to see you so happy! xox

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