This past Saturday, friends and family gathered to celebrate our sweet girl (who will be making her appearance in five weeks or less – whoohoo!) My mom and sister put together a beautiful ‘Bless This Nest’ themed shower and we had an absolutely picturesque fall morning for the celebration.

Baby Shower 6Baby Shower 2

We enjoyed some delicious food, a couple of baby games (finish the nursery rhyme & name the baby animal) and yummy bird nest cupcakes with coffee.Baby Shower 1

It was so nice to catch up with friends and family; I only wish I would’ve had more time to mingle with everyone!

Baby Shower 3 Baby Shower 4 Baby Shower 9 Baby Shower 7 Baby Shower 5

Marty and I feel so fortunate and couldn’t be more thankful for all of the time and energy put into our shower (as well as for all of the wonderful gifts from our family and friends.) Baby Boden is already loved by so many people! What a joy!

Five weeks to go…

21 thoughts on “Bless This Nest.

  1. Looks like a beautiful shower, and you are so beautiful in that dress! That little one is blessed to have so much love, that’s for sure. 🙂

  2. You are soooo cute!! Everything looks so beautiful!! What a fun celebration!! Congratulations again!! Such an exciting time 🙂

  3. You are most definitely the only human able to wear horizontal stripes while pregnant!! You look AMAZING!! What a beautiful shower. Such a gorgeous and heartfelt celebration. xo

  4. OH MY! These photos are GORGEOUS, looks like your family is just all around great with photography! You look stunning, and I cannot wait for your bundle of joy to arrive.

    1. Thanks Britt! I wish I would’ve taken more photos of guests, the cupcakes, games and such but I got wrapped up in the morning! Thank you for all of your sweet words! I will be keeping you all posted. 🙂

  5. What a gorgeous baby shower. I completely understand how you wish there was more time to mingle with family & friends. I felt the exact same way.

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