Last Saturday afternoon, family and friends gathered to celebrate my cousins upcoming wedding. I’ve been to several bridal showers but I have to say this may have been my favorite! I absolutely loved the rustic, romantic theme.

I had never tried macaroons prior to the shower! Can you believe it? Verdict: I’ll stick with cupcakes (but macaroons definitely win the award for overall appearance!)


Looking forward to the wedding on September 21st!

16 thoughts on “A Backyard Bridal Shower.

  1. AWWW! This is so beautiful!! What a lovely and exciting celebration!! Everything is decorated so nicely and the food looks AH-mazing! Seriously, those macaroons though?? So bright and fun!! 🙂

  2. the rustic chic look is something i can really picture having at my wedding. it’s so simple and not over that top, but can still be so elegant. such a quaint and romantic type of feel in my opinion.

  3. I agree – cupcakes > macaroons. I’ve only tried them once or twice and not been impressed. Such a cute shower! I haven’t been to one since my own and now I’m trying to figure out how long it will be until I get to go to one again….probably not til my sister or cousins get married and that may be awhile haha

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