Baby Boden: A Mini Update.

We had our halfway-point ultrasound appointment this morning. I cannot begin to tell you how amazing it was. Our sonographer spent an hour with us, showing us every inch of our baby! I realize I’m biased; however, I think I would’ve been blown away regardless of whether or not it was mine. Do we seriously have technology that allows us to see the four chambers of a heart? Simply miraculous!

The baby is strong and healthy! He/She was moving a ton and we even watched as its little hands played with its toes! What a wiggle worm.

BODENDIANE20140611085711645 BODENDIANE20140611085858322 BODENDIANE20140611090602982

As for the gender…

I have the sex of the baby written down inside of an envelope (which I intend to drop off to my baker this evening.) We are going forward with the gender reveal cake on Father’s Day and are just dying to find out! After the ultrasound, I’m thinking it’s a boy but Marty now seems to think we’re having a girl.

Any guesses? Four more days until the big reveal…

16 thoughts on “Baby Boden: A Mini Update.

  1. I am so excited!!! I have no idea how you’re staying so calm without knowing. I could never hand that little piece of paper over – maybe it’s a control thing. I can’t wait to find out!!!!

    1. I think I really had my mind set on doing it with all of my family which made it easier. Marty definitely struggled a bit more as we left the appointment! 🙂 I can’t believe just two more days! Eek!!

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