Baby Boden: The First Trimester.

Well the news is officially out: Marty and I are expecting our first child this fall. 🙂 I announced the news on Instagram and Facebook last week and it feels so good to have it out in the open!

I’ve successfully made it through my first trimester and truthfully can’t believe that we’re less than six months away from meeting our little one. I’m really going to be a mom?!?  It still hasn’t fully sank in yet…


Weeks 6-10 were rough. No workouts (not even walking) and clean eating wasn’t a priority. All I wanted were carbs and meat! I tried to eat as healthily as I could but I ended up consuming more macaroni and cheese, beef and breads during this time than I had in the last three years combined.

Around week eight I was prescribed a anti-nausea medication which helped but I honestly only felt okay when I was eating. There were several times where I just laid in bed crying because I had such an upset stomach. It’s a difficult transition going from such an active lifestyle to laying in bed all weekend long. I’m glad that time passed quickly…

Weeks 11-13 were much better. As the weather started to improve (and my nausea began to subside) I was able to start walking with the kiddos I nanny and made sure to do so 4-5x/week. I love that I’m regaining energy and eating a normal diet once again.

I began my fifteenth week on Monday and feel great. At this point, I’m just waiting for that baby bump to get a little bigger…Eek!

First Trimester 1
Beginning of Week 14: A mini baby bump or maybe just a month of overeating carbs?


First Trimester 2


Ironically, I found out I was pregnant on Fat Tuesday 🙂 I’ll be honest and admit that I was a bit overwhelmed when I saw the positive sign appear on the test. Without getting into too many details, I’ll just say that I’ve had quite irregular cycles over the past two years and pregnancy was just something I didn’t foresee happening for awhile. That said, I saw the positive symbol on the test, looked at myself in the mirror for a few minutes and went back downstairs to have dinner with Marty.

I wanted to do something special to surprise him with the news so I wanted to wait until the following evening to break it to him. Side note: Toughest twenty-four hours of my life! I wanted to spill the beans to EVERYONE. It was really tough keeping it in.

So how’d I break the news to him? Well, I decided to get a cupcake with ‘Dad!’ written in cursive across the top. By the time I got home with the cupcake, it had been almost twenty-four hours since I had taken the test; I was a ball of nerves to say the least. I didn’t want to give him the cupcake before dinner so we just ended up eating dinner together and watching a few episodes of ‘The Office’. Afterwards, he ran upstairs and when he came back the cupcake was waiting on the table.

He was confused about what the cupcake was for and asked if he missed an important date. He kept asking me what day it was and what he was missing. I just smiled and waited for him to read ‘Dad!’ across the top. He finally said, “Are you pregnant?!”


I actually decided not to weigh myself throughout pregnancy. I checked my weight a week after I found out I was pregnant and was shocked at how much weight I’d already gained. I figured it’d be better for my mindset if I just skipped the scale and continued throughout pregnancy not knowing (I even told my doctor not to mention my weight!)


After living on a vegetarian (almost vegan) diet for the last couple of years I was surprised to crave meat. What baby wants, baby gets 🙂 Like I mentioned above, I craved mostly carbs and comfort food during weeks 6-10 but have made sure to eat a more well-rounded diet since the nausea passed.


Our little one is expected to arrive around November 3rd!

First Trimester 3

So there you have it! The big news I’ve been keeping secret since the beginning of March. I’m so happy to finally share it with you all.

39 thoughts on “Baby Boden: The First Trimester.

  1. I’m just so excited for you both! 🙂 I have a good friend that is expecting very soon and her first trimester was the exact same way. We worked together so I saw first hand how she would just not be able to eat anything and then be so sick.
    Excited to see your journey!! 🙂

  2. Baby!!! I love everything about this post! So happy for you and your man, please update us as you go on with your pregnancy. 🙂

    How was it eating meat after being veg for so long?

    1. Thanks lady! 🙂 It tasted better than I remembered! Ha. I tried not to eat a ton but slowly added it back in. Now I eat meat about 2-4x/week. I’m not sure if I’ll go back to a vegetarian lifestyle after pregnancy but I may cut it back to only 1-2x/week!

  3. Ahhh! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you two. (:

    I love that you’re listening to your cravings! I’ve been a vegetarian for almost all of my life (and was vegan for 2 years a while back) but always say that if I crave meat one day, I won’t resist it.

    I can’t wait to follow the rest of this amazing journey!

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Yes – the scale just messes with my head. I told my doctor if I’m underweight or overweight to just tell me (so that I can continue a healthy pregnancy); however, I don’t want to know the number! It’s funny how the scale never affected me until I lost weight about three years ago. I became so obsessed with the numbers. I finally had to say no more in September and haven’t looked back! My pants still fit (up until 1.5 months ago) 🙂 and that’s all that matters.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS Di! You are going to make an amazing mother! I am just so happy for you and Marty 🙂

  5. WEEEE BABY BODEN! You are already an adorable little mama!! You look tinyyy still so don’t even think you look like you’re growing! I would probably have to avoid the scale too though. CONGRATULATIONS!

    1. Thank you – it makes my day to hear that because I seriously have felt so bloated and blah for the past two months. I’m hoping that once the bigger bump comes I’ll have more confidence in my appearance. Oh vanity…

  6. Great post! I love reading all (well, some 🙂 ) of the details. The cupcake idea was super cute. I can’t imagine how hard that was to not say anything for a day. Like you, I’ve been VERY irregular the past few years and have had many sad thoughts about potentially getting pregnant one day. We aren’t even trying so I know I shouldn’t worry now, but I can’t help it. So I’m glad to hear of your success even with other troubles 🙂

    1. It’s hard not to worry. I totally understand! Like I said, I definitely wasn’t expecting this but God’s timing is perfect. 🙂 I just need to remember that…it’s a tough truth to get around sometimes!

  7. Congrats!! So happy for you guys! I’m positive you guys will make great parents. I’m excited to follow your journey! I always wish I could surprise David when it happens for us in the future but I’m so damn regular, he always knows when I get it or don’t…lol.

    1. Thanks Kelli! 🙂 That’s funny that he knows your cycle – a lot of my friends husbands have the same intuition! Maybe you could still surprise him if you take the test when he is at work…you’d have some time to plan before announcing the news!

  8. I am SO happy for you and Marty! I loved reading this honest look at your pregnancy experience so far. A lot of my friends have babies or are pregnant and I love hearing all about their journey. What an exciting time for you and your family! You will be an amazing mom!!

    1. Thank you! I appreciate all of the kind words. I’m going to try and remain as honest and open in the coming posts. I love reading other bloggers pregnancy posts – I’ve found them really helpful and love reading about the variety of experiences!

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