As I was on my way home from work last Wednesday night I received a text from my sister that read, “So my water just broke.” WHAT! I immediately called her and asked, “Are you serious? Are you sure?” (to which she responded, “What else could it be Diane?” ๐Ÿ™‚ ) She told me that she was waiting for her husband to get home and they’d be headed to the hospital.

I figured ย I didn’t need to be there while they were getting checked in and settled so I headed home to shower and get a few things done before heading their way (a mere two mile drive from my house!)

A couple of hours later, Marty and I headed over to the hospital. When I found my sister, she was walking the hallways trying to start her labor. The nurses had her do this for two full hours so they wouldn’t have to induce her.

Baby Landon 1 Baby Landon 2 Baby Landon 3Processed with VSCOcam with x1 presetBaby Landon 4

The next several hours consisted of waiting, waiting and more waitingโ€ฆuntil 5AM. She was finally ten centimeters and ready to push!

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

And VOILA! Landon David is born!ย Landon David born on Wednesday, December 12th at 6:34AM. Weighing 6.9oz and 19 inches long.

Baby Landon 5

Well, actually it wasn’t that easy; however, I will say that my sister maintained a smile on her face until about an hour and fifteen minutes into the process. The last fifteen minutes wasn’t so easy but – as most mothers will say – so worth it.

First diaper change.

Baby Landon 6 Baby Landon 7 Baby Landon 8 Baby Landon 11 Baby Landon 13 Baby Landon 12

Watching little Landon come into the world was one of the most amazing, overwhelming experiences of my life. I knew watching the birth would be life changing but I clearly underestimated the effect that the experience would have on me. I am so thankful that my sister allowed my mom and I to watch as she brought this little miracle into the world. A son. A nephew.ย A grandson. A cousin. Landon.

23 thoughts on “Welcome Baby Landon.

  1. Those pictures are wonderful! And awww I’m so glad everyone is doing well!!! When my brother and his wife had a baby in June, it was such an amazing experience getting to hold him right after he was born! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. You are such a sweet sister to capture so many beautiful shots of yor sister’s birth! Big congratulations to her & her husband, as well as the rest of the family. Landon is so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people! โค

  3. This was so beautiful!!! I love the Starbucks cups. That has to be the kicker! I know you probably can’t do it now, BUT I am sure you have seen on Pinterest cups which read “bride” or “groom”, it would be neat to have a frame with a starbucks cup picture timeline. Just a different spin on what has already been done. “Bride/groom” “new mommy/daddy” etc!

  4. Aghh…he’s so cute! That’s so neat that she allowed you to be in the room! From oldest child to oldest child, was it kind of nice to see your sister go through it first? I feel like I’ve always gone through the bigger things in life before my sisters, and that makes it scarier. The actual act of giving birth is one of the things I’m terrified of. She says it’s totally worth it — right :)?

    1. Thanks Emily ๐Ÿ™‚ I would definitely say that I’m glad my sister went first. Her labor (for the most part) was, not easy, but it wasn’t as intense as you’d picture on A Baby Story (or something along those lines.) I was honestly terrified for her too but she was so calm and really handle labor well. I told my family that I’m already a drama queen so the fact that she stayed so calm and, to be honest, quiet during her labor doesn’t bode well for me. I’m going to look that much crazier, I’m sure. That said, if labor is as easy (I use that term loosely) as it appears until the last stages of pushing – I’m definitely not as fearful as I once was; however, that last fifteen-twenty minutes was REALLY scary. You could tell that she was just exhausted and ready to be done. I can’t even imagine that kind of stress all over your body when you’re pushing.

      All that said, she still claims it wasn’t as painful as it appears in film or reality TV. Here’s hoping we’re similar in that wayโ€ฆ

      PS – She had an epidural eight-nine hours after her water broke!

      1. I’m a drama queen too, so yeah…I’m still terrified! I’m impressed that she went that long without an epidural! I’d like to think that I can try to hold off too when my time comes, but who knows! This makes me feel a little better. Obviously both of our moms did it multiple times, so it can’t be as terrible as some of those shows make it seem :).

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