Little Life Updates: August 2013.

Check-ing off books on my ‘to-read’ list. Another month of book after book. What have I been reading? What have I liked? What have I disliked?

  • Books I’ve Liked:
    Books I Liked
    – The Honest Life by Jessica Alba: What an informative look into living a more natural, ‘honest’ lifestyle. I wasn’t a fan of Jessica Alba prior to reading this book but I had a ton of respect for her now. Her research, passion and true concern for health and well-being is something to admire.
    The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri: Lahiri’s “The Namesake” has made the list of my ‘all-time’ favorite books. I loved everything about this book and believe that Lahiri is truly one of the most brilliant writers of our time. As with her other novels, I was completely taken with the flow of her lyrical, warm narrative.
    Once Upon a Flock by Lauren Scheuer: If you have any interest in raising chickens or just want an adorable, quick read; I highly suggest you pick up Scheuer’s memoir of her life with chickens! Think grown-up picture book + memoir 🙂
    The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg: A great explanation of the existence of habits and how they can be changed. Parts of this book were more difficult to get through than others but it was highly informative.
  • Books I’ve Disliked:
    Books I Didn't Like
    The Dinner by Herman Koch: The first half of this book was a page-turner. The second half…not so much.
    The Fault in Our Stars by John Green: I’m sorry but I just didn’t love this book. I have tried to sit down to read it over the past couple of years but it was just too depressing to get through. I finally decided to sit down and read it over the past couple of weeks and, unfortunately, I just don’t understand all of the hype. Sure it had a few memorable quotes but I am walking away wishing I would have chosen a different book.
    The Year of Living Biblically by AJ Jacobs: I loved Jacobs “Drop Dead Healthy” but this just wasn’t as good. My negative review – by no means – alters my belief that Jacobs is a talented writer (with a wonderful ability to make me laugh); however, this one just didn’t cut it.
    Jeneration X by Jen Lancaster: Randomly picked it up as a quick read and, while it was, I just didn’t enjoy it. Lancaster comes across as arrogant and was really off-putting. Skip it!

Enjoy-ing a new local restaurant! Marty and I were biking a couple of Sunday’s ago and decided to go for a mid-day drink. As we biked up the main stretch of restaurants in Columbus’ short north, we stumbled upon The Pint House & Beer Garden. The big draw to this place is a retractable roof that lets the sun shine in and giant, floor-to-ceiling windows that can open to the sidewalk. The menu is small but offers fresher versions of ‘bar food’. I haven’t tried anything but the Grilled Chicken Salad but the Pretzel Sampler Platter looks and sounds delicious! We’ve been back several times since 🙂

Look-ing forward to fall! See below.


Chang-ing up my routine! Over the past couple of weeks Marty and I have reorganized our schedule for a more consistent routine. He wakes up around 430AM, reads the Bible while eating breakfast and meets his friend at the gym (not before greeting me with a cup of coffee and a piece of fruit around 450AM.) I then get out of bed around 5AM and head to the gym for an early morning workout (spinning 3-4x/week and weight lifting on the other days!) After my workout, I head to  Starbucks (or a park) and do a devotional before I have to work at 8AM. I seriously LOVE this new routine and it has been so helpful to 1) spend time in the word each morning and 2) complete an early workout so I don’t have to go after work (taking away from my evening with Marty or friends.)



Life Lately (According to my Android)

August Collage

(Top left to bottom right) One of my favorite places to brunch in Columbus (and they have the best veggie burger EVER!), my sister and I on the night before her wedding, Mary Poppins showing at the old Ohio Theater, ‘selfie’ in front of the Ohio Theater, Miss Cameron enjoying an afternoon at the park, Roscoe missing his doggie friends, reading around the pool, a scrumptious breakfast of Greek Yogurt & an egg white sandwich, Mr. Ethan at the Adventure Park in Powell, Sunday afternoon date with the husband (at Ohio State library!)

Lastly- thank you to Brandi at Faith Fitness & Laughter for nominating me for The Sunshine Award 🙂 You’re so sweet and I love following your blog!

What have you been up to this August? What have you been reading? Have you made a fall bucket list? Can you believe it is almost September!?!

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33 thoughts on “Little Life Updates: August 2013.

  1. I’m not an Alba fan but I’ve flipped through the book and it looks good. 4:50 am? That’s rough but hey, got to do what you got to do. I read my Bible in the am too:)

  2. I always applauded Jessica Alba for promoting a healthier lifestyle for kids after she had her children. Also, I read a few Jennifer Lancaster books and maybe you should try starting from the beginning with Bitter Is The New Black. She is a little more arrogant than most authors but that’s her shtick.

    Fall to-do list sounds like a great idea. Mine would include carving pumpkins, picking up more clothes for the cold season and volunteering at a food bank before Thanksgiving!

  3. I thought that Jessica Alba’s book was just some advertising scheme/way to make herself more famous, and this is coming from someone who actually LIKES Jessica Alba. Lol. Now that I know that the book isn’t really like that at all I’m going to have to check it out.

    I NEED a Fall To Do List. Making one is officially… on my to-do-list? Baha. 😉

  4. Your new morning routine sounds great! I was just thinking that I need to put myself on a schedule. My mom and I have been going for a walks in the morning, which helps get me motivated, but I need to work on going to bed earlier so I can get more sleep!

    1. You seem like someone who really thrives from a routine as well 🙂 I just sat down with a pen and paper, wrote down every hour of the day and tried to figure out where I was wasting time. I’m seriously loving it. I feel SO much more productive! PS – That’s really awesome that you’re walking with your mom. I forgot they lived behind you 🙂

  5. You are so welcome! I love following your blog too 🙂 I am a big fan of routine schedules and love to get on one first thing in the morning. It kind of sets the tone for my day. I love that you both incorporate devotion time in yours.
    I love your Fall list!! Makes me want to start on one too! 🙂 I can’t wait for Fall!
    Have a great Sunday Diane 🙂

  6. your fall to do list!!!! i’m in love!! the hocus pocus one is probably my favorite! i just love it! the talking cat gets me every time! haha 🙂

  7. Aw I love everything about this post! Love your book reviews. I’m always looking for new books to read/suggestions! And fun on finding a new restaurant you two like to go to. That’s always exciting.
    I am 1000% ready for all the fun things of fall! I, too, want to do a lot of the things on your fall to-do list. It’s one of my favorite times of year!!

  8. I really want to read Jessica Alba’s book now! Thank you for sharing, I totally trust your opinion with books! I love the sound of your new routine schedule,I feel that a daily schedule is SO key!! You and Marty are just too perfect and I love that you guys are so devoted.

    1. You really should. It is a pretty quick read and I loved all of the pictures and tips she includes within the book. Also, thank you for the sweet compliment 🙂 Hope you’re having an awesome weekend Britt!

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