Goin’ to the Chapel: Michelle’s Wedding Recap.

A little over two weeks ago, my sister became a Mrs. 🙂 (and I am finally getting around to a recap!)

The rehearsal was on a Thursday night with her wedding on Friday (she had to book a Friday wedding because the venue was booked for several months due to such quick wedding planning.) The rehearsal was short and sweet and afterwards we heading to an old Italian ‘mom and pop’ restaurant for dinner.

After dinner was over, I went back to my parents house and the four of us (mom, dad, sister and I) spent a few hours together sans husband (well – one husband and one soon-to-be.) It was really nice to be able to spend time together like we used to 🙂

The day of the wedding…

I got up early, headed to the gym for a quick workout and headed to pick up my sister for our hair and makeup appointments.

This is when I mostly stopped taking pictures for the day. I knew the professional photographer would be showing up as soon as we got to the venue and I decided I wanted to stay as present as possible and really enjoy the time with my sister. 

The wedding was romantic and very beautiful from start to finish…with one slight exception. 

During the ceremony (precisely after the groom recited his vows) one of the groomsman passed out and actually fell into Marty before busting his lip open on the ground! Everyone was in shock and a few nurses in attendance rushed up to make sure he was okay. At this point I look at my sister and ask her if she is okay, in which she says, “It’s okay, I’m not mad at all.” Cool as a cucumber she is…(if only I embodied more of this characteristic.) The emergency squad arrived seven minutes after the ‘incident’ and the groomsman was taken away for the rest of the ceremony to proceed.

Again, everything was just perfect…with this little exception 😉

A couple of other details…

-My speech went pretty well (if I do say so myself.) I was definitely nervous but I made sure to have it written out so I could glance down from time to time. My voice was shaky in a few parts but I think it came across as ‘happy emotions’ as opposed to my anxiety and nerves 😉

-I couldn’t keep it together during the father-daughter dance. My dad chose ‘Michelle’ by the Beatles. If you don’t know it, check it out!

Below is one of the ‘teaser’ professional pictures. I will be sure to share more professional wedding pictures as soon as we get them back 🙂

A beautiful wedding day for an even more beautiful couple. I’m so blessed to have gained a new brother and am so looking forward to all of the double dates in our future!

Have you been to any weddings this summer? My sister’s wedding marked my third wedding within four weeks! Whew!

31 thoughts on “Goin’ to the Chapel: Michelle’s Wedding Recap.

  1. It looks like such a beautiful wedding. I was a crying mess during the father-daughter dance at Emily’s wedding. It is such an emotional moment. Congrats to your sister!

  2. Wow those pictures are beautiful and you looked stunning! Your sister too of course! I actually haven’t been to any weddings at all this summer but I did go to my cousin’s back in March. Most of my friends are younger then me and are not in marriage mode 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh! The story of the groomsmen…that’s crazy and unique!

    I went to my own wedding and one of my bridesmaids wedding 3 weeks after! I love weddings. I wish I had some more to attend.

    You looks beautiful at your sisters!

  4. Awe, what a beautiful day! You’re sister looks so beautiful! You know, I don’t think that I have been to any weddings this year. Crazy!
    It really is great when you gain a new family member….I feel the same way about my sister-n-law. 🙂
    Have a great day girl!

    1. It was pretty crazy. I think it was locked legs combined with dehydration 😦 The wedding planner (who comes with the Darby House) said someone faints at least every 4-6 weeks in the warmer months. Crazy!

  5. Congratulations to your sister, again! I was a mess during my own father-daughter dance, so I can only imagine that I’ll be a mess at my sisters’ weddings someday! I love the song that your dad picked, very fitting!

    I’m sure you guys will be talking about that groomsman story for years and years — poor guy!

    1. I think you’ll definitely cry at your sister’s father-daughter dances. You seem to have a really close relationship with your sisters and I think that can make it even more emotional than just watching a friend (or a sister you aren’t as close with!) 🙂

  6. Aw that looked like the most beautiful wedding! I’m super happy for you being able to share in such a big day with your sister, and really excited for your sister! You look gorgeous in that dress, by the way!

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