A Lovely Saturday.

Hello everyone! I feel a bit like a broken record when I say, “long time, no post”; however, I’ll say it anyways! Although I love blogging and interacting with you all on a regular basis, it has just been a challenge this month. Weddings, pre-wedding events, vacations, stress = busy July.

That said, I wanted to take the time to photo recap my sister’s bridal shower from this past weekend (I’m actually not sure if I’ve told you all but my sister got engaged last month and is getting married at the beginning of August! πŸ™‚ )

Next Friday night I am throwing her a bachelorette party at a popular wine bistro and (afterwards) a comedy club. Recap to come.

As for now – I’m in Destin, Florida! I’ll try to post at least twice since I’ll have some extra time πŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “A Lovely Saturday.

  1. Wow. That must have taken some speedy wedding planning! πŸ™‚ Great picture of your family.

    I hope you are enjoying your time in Florida. I think it’s actually around the same temperature down there as up here in Ohio for once!

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