It’s All About Perspective.

Confession: I have been really struggling with negative thoughts and pessimism. It’s funny because I always considered myself an optimistic person but within the last year or so, I feel like I’ve been a realist pessimist. I am not exactly sure where this pessimism stems from but it is starting to affect my daily life. I want to remember the goodness in people. I don’t want to automatically assume the worst. I don’t want to let one bad moment ruin my entire day.

Maybe it is stress. Maybe I am sleep deprived. Maybe I am overworked. It may possibly be a combination of the three; nonetheless, I want to change my way of thinking. I want to go back to looking on the ‘bright side’ and, most importantly, trust that God has my best interest in mind and wouldn’t allow me to venture through any circumstance that wasn’t character building in one way or another.

What have I been negative about? Short answer: a lot. Quick list: relationships, the state of the world, people in general, my future career, my body, my home and my neighborhood. The big things.

I am a little embarrassed to admit this but I figured that I probably wasn’t the only one struggling with this so I wanted to share with you all.

So- the big question is… How do I change my mindset?

I recently finished Joyce Meyer’s book The Battlefield of the Mind and it ultimately aided me in realizing there was a problem. I realized that I cannot have a positive life with a negative mind. Let that sink in. It seems so simple and yet, why is it so hard to change our thoughts? I know a lot for it can be circumstantial; however, despite our circumstances we need to be hopeful and try to stay as positive as we can.

Driving around my neighborhood over the past couple of weeks has made me realize what Meyer repeats throughout her book: It is all about perspective. Why did my neighborhood help me draw that conclusion? Well, I tend to complain about my neighborhood a lot. It isn’t the place I want to raise kids (our house is too small and we have no outside play space) and sometimes it can be really ugly. Driving around last week, it occurred to me again: it is all about perspective.

When I focus on the things I don’t like about my neighborhood, yes, it can be ugly or ‘not so picturesque’ but my neighborhood is actually quite charming. Sure there are some things I would change but no place is perfect. Nothing on earth is.

In changing my perspective on something as silly as my neighborhood, I have started observing it through a different lens.

The bad:

The good:

If I change the perspective of my mindset (and thought life), I think I could live a life that is much more positive.

What do you think? Do you ever get stuck in a season of negative thoughts? 

16 thoughts on “It’s All About Perspective.

  1. Yes and over a lot of the things you mentioned! I do think a lot of life has to do with perspective. I try to journal about some things. Sometimes it helps me decide whether I’m legitimately unhappy about something or just in a mood. Sometimes my pessimism is warranted. Other times I need an attitude overhaul.

  2. I totally and with you on this. There has been so much going on… one sh%t stick after another. I wanted to cave in, I wanted to be negative and say F&$K YOU to everyone. But I’m like no… I am going to be stronger and not let these losers win or let my negativity win. It’s a battle with yourself and you can win!! 🙂

  3. This is a great idea that I think everyone should follow through with- changing their perspective. I’m going to start right now 🙂

    Like so many others wrote in the comments, you are not alone in your thoughts. It’s a struggle for everyone I think…

  4. Hi Di! I’ve always thought about the idea of perspective. I think I need a change in mindset too- lately I’ve been picking the negatives out of positives, and need to flip that the opposite way 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  5. I think everyone goes through a time like this in their life. I commend you for being able to open up & let your feelings out. The biggest advice I can give you girl is just continue trusting in God. Know that God will continue to guide you in the right direction, and won’t let anything harm you in any sort of way. ❤

  6. Yes, I do, and it causes me to have so much anxiety! I finally feel like I’m at a place where I can find peace, though. I’ve been especially anxious/sad/mad about the terrible world events that have been happening left and right, but something changed me after the Boston Marathon. I was scared for three weeks, and then I ran my half marathon, and my anxiety was gone. I had to run that race to overcome my fears. When the Oklahoma tragedy happened, I cried, I prayed, and then I turned off the news and carried on. I actually felt guilty for going about my normal activities (usually I feel like I need to mourn with the people who are hurting), but Jordan reminded me that if I lived my whole life like that, I would never be happy. It probably sounds strange — sometimes I actually feel guilty for feeling happy when others are not — but I’m learning to get past that and just enjoy my life. If that makes sense?

    Also, the bigger world events have put my own problems into perspective. My job doesn’t seem so bad anymore, and I can deal with daily annoyances a little better. I still have anxiety and negative thoughts, but I’d really love to learn to overcome it, and I feel like I am, slowly.

  7. Imam struggling with the very same thing! I used to be so happy and positive last year st this time and now I am struggling with a few challenges and I’ve been letting it ruin my life. The book ‘psycho cybernetics’ really helped me out too

  8. I’ve definitely been struggling with something similar lately. My anxiety has been creeping up on me and it makes me stressed and worry about every little thing. I think a change of perspective could definitely help me with that. I find that yoga and running help clear my mind and when I don’t do either for a few days, I can tell a difference. If only it were as easy as it sounds to change our thoughts! Our minds are such powerful things.

  9. Oh I have been SO working on a post like this in my head for weeks. I am struggling BIG time with negative thoughts and things are starting to fall apart in my world, but I am slowly putting the pieces back together! I am reading Joyce’s book “21 ways to finding peace” and it’s been so amazing so far. Battlefield of the mind is on my living room table ready to be read next (my mom has so many of her books it’s been a blessing.) I have been taking each day at a time and trying.TRYING to find positive perspectives in life!! Hang in there… are most definitely not alone! Trusting in God and having NO idea where life is going is SO scary..but taking that leap is so necessary. Hopefully I can follow my own words! 🙂

  10. You are so not alone, i think you know that though. A change of perspective and mindset is what I hope to find too. I am in desperate need as well and can’t wait to find a fresh new outlook on this nasty case of negatives I am currently rocking

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