Over the years I’ve had relationships come and go; however, one in particular has only become stronger as the years have passed: my relationship with my mom.

I can honestly say that my mom is one of my best friends (cue sappy music – Mama by the Spice Girls.) I see her at least once a week and talk to her almost every day. She is the first person I cry to. The first I ask for advice. She has always stood by me (even in my less than picturesque teenage years. Sorry mom!) no matter the circumstance. She is fashionable. Beautiful. She is funny. Confident. She’s a go-getter. A leader. She is adventurous and charming. She’s chatty but that’s something I love about her (there is never a lack of conversation.) She is smart and creative. She’s passionate. She has led me to Christ.

Without my mom, my life would be completely different. I’m not just talking about my actual life but the path that I’m on may have been significantly different. It was my mom that pursued a faith in Christ when I was eight years old. It was her walk with God that brought my dad, sister and I to church on Sundays. Even when I fell away (in my high school years), it was through her prayers and grace that brought me back.

Words can never do justice to how much I adore my mother.

What is one of your favorite things about your mother?

10 thoughts on “Mom.

  1. Your mom is so lucky to have such a caring, heart-warming and beautiful daughter! Happy Mother’s day to your Mom!

  2. I think you and I had a very similar upbringing with being rebellious teenagers and having our mama’s help bring us back to what’s right and to loving church! I love that you love your mom, we need them!

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