Getting My ‘Fix’: My First Stitch Fix.

I’m sure that many of you are familiar with Stitch Fix but (for those of you who aren’t) I will give you a brief summary:

How does it work

I first learned about Stitch Fix in the fall via Haley at The Saucy Apple. I immediately went to the site,  filled out a style profile and impatiently awaited the email telling me that I had been invited into the site.

I decided to schedule my first fix for mid-March and couldn’t wait.

StitchFix 002

Here is what came in my first ‘fix’:

1.) Light Blue Knit Cardigan: I think this cardigan perfectly embodies the season. I wouldn’t have picked out the color in a store but I think that’s what I like about it! Stepping out of my black, blue, white comfort zone.
2.) Printed Scarf: I wasn’t head over heels for this at first; however, I decided to give it a try and ended up really liking it! It was actually the first thing I wore out of this ‘fix’. I paired it with skinny jeans, a black tee, and a white cotton cardigan.
3.) Black Blouse: This is probably my least favorite thing out of the bunch. I like how it is over-sized (helpful for those times that I eat a little too much cheese and wine on date night 😉 ) and flowy but the sleeves are just a bit too big for my taste. I ended up wearing it out last Friday night but the sleeves still bother me!
4.) Feather Blouse: My FAVORITE thing about this ‘fix’. I love the style, the print, the colors! It’s perfect!
5.) Striped Maxi Dress: I’m really excited to wear this (once it starts to feel more like spring and summer!) Maxi dresses are so great for the summer. I love how they can be dressed up or down.

I decided to keep my entire fix because it made more sense to keep everything and only pay $187 as opposed to keeping 2-3 items and paying close to that amount.

So…would I do Stitch Fix again? Yes!

I really enjoyed the simplicity of Stitch Fix and have received compliments on the feather blouse and scarf. I might not schedule a fix each month (but maybe six months out of the year.)

3-23-13 Morgan House


Things I love about Stitch Fix
– Convenience!!!!
– I really loved that there were a couple of pieces I wouldn’t have automatically chosen for myself. I like that it made me step out of my comfort zone.
– The items that I loved (feather blouse and maxi dress) were so spot on to something I would chose for myself in a store. The style profile really does work if you take the time to fill it out (and include the little details!)
– They work with up and coming designers (and are based out of my favorite city – San Francisco!)
– Three of the items came with ‘idea cards’ – Super helpful when deciding how to put an outfit together!

Things that aren’t so great about Stitch Fix:
– The items are a bit pricey and I only think they are worth purchasing as a whole. When you break down the items by themselves, it’s just not worth the price (at least for someone on a budget!)
– The quality of the clothes is better than Target but not as great as Banana Republic or Anthropologie (let’s just take a minute to mourn how I will never be able to afford that store.)

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