Little Life Updates: March.

We are already almost halfway through March…you know what that means – a ‘Little Life Updates’ post!

Lov-ing my new job at Whole Foods. I have never enjoyed a job as much as this (and believe me, I’ve had quite a few.) I’m trying to be a sponge to absorb all of the unfamiliar supplement/nutrition information. I can’t believe how much there is to learn. Slowly but surely!

3-7-13 Whole Foods
Watch-ing the season finale of The Bachelor! I’m so sad that this season is over. I absolutely love Sean and Catherine together and I really think he made the better pick (though I really liked Lindsey too!) I hope that their relationship will last. Here’s hoping!

Go-ing to see Oz: The Great and Powerful.Has anyone else seen it? OverallI was really disappointed.  My thoughts: 

  1. Rachel Weisz had a difficult time concealing her British accent (or maybe she was supposed to have it?) It didn’t make sense that one of the three sisters would have an accent while the other two did not! 
  2. While Mila Kunis is a stunning woman, she just cannot act. I’m sorry. There were so many instances that her performance was ‘laugh-out-loud’ bad.
  3. As a whole, the film seemed to work and then it would fall a part and then it’d work and fall a part.
  4. I am so glad we decided to see it in 3D. It was my first time ever seeing a film and 3D 🙂
  5. My favorite characters were the China Doll and the flying monkey, Finley.


Consider-ing changing my ‘look’ – I want to get bangs! I have wanted to get them for awhile now but thought of straight, blunt bangs as more of a fall or winter style. I am also in a wedding in the beginning of July and wasn’t sure if they’d grow out by then. What do you guys think?? I need help!

Slack-ing at the gym. Ever since I started working at Whole Foods I have had NO energy. I mean NO energy. I have been trying to get to the gym as much as I can but I have been neglecting my 5:30AM wake-up call for a 6:30AM one instead. I’m hoping I’ll get my groove here in the next couple of weeks. I’m not as into evening workouts…

Receiv-ing my first Stitch FixMy first ‘fix‘ arrived in the mail this week and I was stoked to open it! I will write a post later this week with more details…but I will say that I was very pleased!


Life Lately (According to my Android)


(Top Left to Bottom Right) The mail isn’t always boring, trying on new bathing suits, catching up on some reading at Starbucks, another snowy day in Ohio, stickers in my hair (thanks to Miss Cameron), Dr. Ethan, a good read from my childhood, First Watch breakfast (YUM!), building a fort on a rainy morning, my favorite house on a snowy day!

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What are you up to this month? Do you have any plans for St. Patrick’s Day?

24 thoughts on “Little Life Updates: March.

  1. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying your new job! I, too, was disappointed with Oz, and I was so looking forward to it. My overwhelming feeling was about Mila Kunis as well. I think she can handle comedy alright, but drama is definitely not her forte!

    1. I need to get my Stitch Fix post up! I have been meaning to do it for the past two weeks but haven’t had the time to sit down and upload the pictures and do a quick write up. Hopefully tomorrow or this weekend! 🙂

      I hope you are enjoying your new job too! 😀

  2. Yay, glad your new job is going so well! I totally think you should get some bangs. I’ve been throwing that option up around my mind for quite sometime too, but just don’t have the courage!!

  3. I am sooo jazzed you love your job!!! When I first started working at Trader Joe’s my energy was ZAPPED!!! Eventually I was able to get into the swing of things and pick back up life at the gym and at home!!

  4. So happy you’re liking your new job! As for the bangs, try clip in ones first, so you can see how they look. I bet if you also google it, you can find a site that lets you upload a picture and try different hairstyles. I know has something like this for makeup, but I’m not if they offer it in terms of hair. As for the workouts, have you tried one day in the morning and then one day doing an evening workout? I pack my clothes with me days I want to go to the gym in the evening. I put them on before I get in my car, which sort of helps me persuade myself to go. I’m not big on evening workouts, but I always feel proud of myself when I do them, because I know how much I dislike them.

  5. I’m still kind of jealous of your job at Whole Foods 🙂 Though I bet there is so much to learn!

    I haven’t seen the Oz movie, but I want to. Your comments make sense, but I have to admit that I like Mila Kunis a lot, so maybe I’m just blind to her bad acting 😀 Haha.

  6. Good to know about OZ, I will just avoid it. I say no to bangs! They always seem like a good idea and then I hate them. They are also tough to pull off with wavy or curly hair, always having to straighten them. Just my thoughts!

    1. I loved when Finley ‘moo-ed’ 😀 We got a good laugh out of that. And Ethan really is adorable. It makes me want to have a baby…until I hear the temper tantrums his three year old sister throws! A few more years…

  7. I think bangs are cute, but I always regret them after I get them, because they don’t look good curly, and that means that I’d have to straighten them everyday. If you get them a little longer, they might grow out by July! I’m so happy for you, that you like your job! That must be a great feeling!

    1. I know what you mean about bangs. I had them once before and liked them for about a week but since then my face has thinned out so I’m wondering if they’d look different this time! You make a good point about the straightening…I haven’t straightened my hair since Thanksgiving. Not sure if I want to start that again…

      And you will find a job when the time is right! It’s really hard to know what to do in life. I think I’m finally starting to realize that nutrition/supplement/well being road is one I want to venture down…we’ll see. All in God’s timing.

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