Little Life Updates: February.

Are we seriously almost at the end of February? I usually feel as though time passes slowly; however, this month really did fly by! What with our trip to Pittsburgh, attending the Fiery Foods Fest and starting a second job at Whole Foods – it has been a busy month 🙂

So what else has been going on in February? Well, I have been…

stay-ing crafty. I’m all about craft time while nannying. Gotta love those seasonal crafts!


St Patricks Day Craft

watch-ing the Academy Awards. Did you? 

A few thoughts after the big night:

>Why didn’t Renee Zellweger announce the winner of the award? Did anyone else notice that? Strange. She kind of looked drunk…

>I just LOVE Jennifer Lawrence. She seems so down to earth and she is stunning. So what she tripped up the stairs? She has a great sense of humor and really kept her composure.

Jen Lawrence>I thought it was so sweet how Adele got choked up after she won for Best Original Song 🙂

>Best dressed (in my opinion) was Jessica Chastain.
>Worst Dressed (again, in my opinion) was Salma Hayek.
Salma Hayek
>So glad that Life of Pi won for Best Director. If you haven’t seen it yet – do yourself a favor and WATCH IT! I promise, you’ll enjoy it. Take a few tissues and be prepared for the most beautiful movie you’ve seen in years.
life of pi

read-ing some more great books this month (including This One Is Mine by Maria Semple and Cinderella Ate My Daughter by Peggy Orenstein.) If the name Maria Semple sounds familiar to you, it’s because she wrote the 2012 Best Seller Where’d You Go Berndette? I’m not sure what it is about Semple’s writing but I just really enjoy her books. I can’t wait to read more…

celebrat-ing my brother-in-law’s fifteenth birthday. I love spending time with family and it’s even better when it’s during the week. Really breaks up the normal routine!

train-ing for that new job at Whole Foods. One full day of orientation down. One more to go.



And…Life Lately (According to my Android)



What have you been up to this month?

21 thoughts on “Little Life Updates: February.

  1. I’m so glad that Jennifer Lawrence won. Now I just need to watch all of the movies from the Oscars… Django, Silver Linings Playbook, and Argo. Oh… And Life of Pi.

    Happy training at Whole Foods! Anything interesting to be learned so far? 🙂

  2. I am soooooo jealous that you work at whole foods. I worked at trader joes for a little over a year and I loved it, but wf is 10x better! Oh my gosh I didn’t notice Renee stumble the first time I watched the awards, but I see it now hahaha. I’m hopefully seeing life of pi this weekend!

  3. I SO agree with you on nearly all of your Oscars commentary! I would have to say that I thought Anne Hathaway was Worst Dressed — her gown reminded me of a 90s prom dress, and then someone likened it to an apron and I couldn’t unsee it. Plus with the choker necklace…blech! Too “Alicia Silverstone in Clueless” for me. It’s a shame too, because it ended up being her big night!

  4. Joshua and I just bought Life of Pi on Friday. We haven’t watched it yet, but now that you mentioned how good it was, we may have to watch it this evening 🙂

    1. It is seriously the most beautiful story (and the cinematography is just stunning!) I think even if you weren’t to like the story, you’d still appreciate the film for what it is 🙂 Enjoy you two!

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