Weekend Getaway: The Steel City.

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Marty and I had a wonderful getaway to Pittsburgh over the weekend. We didn’t accomplish everything on our list but we did: get to The Pretzel Shop, The Cathedral of Learning, the Duquesne Incline (we didn’t ride the incline but we took in the views from the top), we attempted to have dinner at Hofbrauhaus (it was PACKED so we decided to skip it) and we walked into Priminti Brothers but weren’t impressed by the look of the sandwiches so we decided on Thai instead. 🙂

Now for the recap…

We arrived in Pittsburgh around noon on Saturday. There were several things on our agenda but we decided to make our first stop The Pretzel Shop.

2013-02-16 Pittsburgh 021

2013-02-16 Pittsburgh 023

2013-02-16 Pittsburgh 026

2013-02-16 Pittsburgh 025

Like I mentioned in my post from Tuesday, I had never actually been to the shop but I’ve eaten quite a few of these pretzels throughout my life. For a mere fifty cents each, we figured we get a bag of them (thirty-eight to be exact.) Before you begin to judge, know that we took more than half of them back to our family and friends. 😀

2013-02-16 Pittsburgh 029

Even better than I remembered…

After our pretzel snack we headed over to the University of Pittsburgh campus to explore The Cathedral of Learning. As a ‘centerpiece’ of the University, the cathedral is both a study hub and top attraction.

2013-02-16 Pittsburgh 054

2013-02-16 Pittsburgh 017

2013-02-16 Pittsburgh 018

2013-02-16 Pittsburgh 020

2013-02-16 Pittsburgh 0552013-02-16 Pittsburgh 013

Among the classrooms are twenty-nine ‘Nationality Rooms‘ – twenty-seven of which are still working classrooms while two others are just on display.

What’s a ‘Nationality Room’, you ask? I could try and explain it but I think Wikipedia.com can do a better job: “Each nationality room is designed to celebrate a different culture that had an influence on Pittsburgh’s growth, depicting an era prior to (or in the singular case of the French Classroom, just after) 1787, which is year of the University’s founding and the signing of the US Constitution.”

Aren’t they amazing?

As two proud Germans, we were excited to see the German room.

2013-02-16 Pittsburgh 004

2013-02-16 Pittsburgh 002

2013-02-16 Pittsburgh 003

After we walked through the different rooms, we decided to take some time and relax in the main study hall. It reminded me of Hogwarts castle.

2013-02-16 Pittsburgh 015

2013-02-16 Pittsburgh 048

Can you spot the husband? 🙂

Next stop was Carson Street. We decided to find a Happy Hour on this famous street (known for their bars and dining.) We walked about a mile and a half one way and couldn’t find anything to suit our mood so we walked about two miles the other way and finally decided on a bar named Ibiza.

After Ibiza we decided to walk to Hofbrauhaus (one of the restaurants on our list) but the wait was nearly two hours so we decided to enjoy some Thai food instead. Next time we’re in Pittsburgh we’ll have to try Hofbrauhaus again. 

2013-02-16 Pittsburgh 051 (1)

2013-02-16 Pittsburgh 052

After dinner, we decided to call it an early evening and headed back to our room (where we watched a couple episodes of New Girl on my lap top! Haha.) Party animals, I tell ya.

We woke to a little snowstorm on Sunday morning. As if Pittsburgh wasn’t charming before – it is even more so in the snow! Something about the age and history of the city that adds to its overall appeal. Our original plan was to stay for lunch but we decided to head back to Columbus a bit early. As we were on our way out of the city, I realized that I hadn’t taken one picture of the two of us! Unacceptable. Since I was driving, I decided to make one more pit-stop (pun intended.) Although the snow was coming down pretty fast, I wanted to see what kind of views we’d get from the top of the Duquesne Incline.

2013-02-16 Pittsburgh 032

2013-02-16 Pittsburgh 033

2013-02-16 Pittsburgh 034

Not too shabby.

2013-02-16 Pittsburgh 035

I wouldn’t say it’s the best photo of us but it definitely sums up our little getaway.

What did you do this weekend? Anything exciting? Have you ever been to Pittsburgh?

20 thoughts on “Weekend Getaway: The Steel City.

  1. OMG that study hall is SO Hogwarts-esque, Di! If I went to school there, I think I’d spend all my time studying there. Also, I am craving a soft pretzel right now. I absolutely love them and the Pretzel Shop basically sounds like my idea of heaven 🙂

    1. I know! I told Marty that I wanted to go back to school at the University of Pittsburgh just so I could study there day after day 😉 Also, soft pretzels are one of my all-time favorite snacks! YUM!

  2. Carson Street looks like so much fun! Glad you guys had a good time in Pittsburgh, and oh I was not judging when you mentioned purchasing 38 pretzels. Pretzels are good 🙂

    1. We ended up giving 12 to my parents, we each ate 2 on our first day and we each had 3 for breakfast on Sunday morning. A bit indulgent but hey, that’s what vacation is for! Ha. The rest are in our freezer. They really do freeze quite nicely. 😀

    1. I’ve never been to the Philadelphia area and have always wanted to go; however, I have been to Harrisburg and Hershey! Loved both of those places…especially Hershey! I a tad jealous that you live so close 🙂

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