Challenge: 30 Breakfasts.

For those who know me, it’s not a secret that I’m a huge fan of Pinterest (as I suspect a number of you are too.) I can’t get enough of the scrolling through countless images in an attempt to find my next big ‘thing’: a food, workout, a style idea, DIY project – really, the options are endless on Pinterest.

That said, I was going through some of my boards this week and realized that I haven’t attempted to cook, create, style, etc.  any of my pins in quite a while. Too long actually.

In the past, Pinterest has really been a lifesaver while preparing for a date night (I attempt to recreate outfit ideas with what I have in my own closet – super helpful for those of you on a budget), coming up with an afternoon craft while I nanny or trying to decide what to have for dinner.

Due to my recent lack of  ‘creation’, I’ve decided to challenge myself by working my way through my ‘Favorite Meal of the Day’ (AKA breakfast) board. I am going to choose thirty of my favorite recipes from this board (and maybe delete the rest for now) and create a couple each week. For each post, I’ll attempt the breakfast recipe and report back with how it turns out 🙂

A glimpse of my ‘Favorite Meal of the Day’ board:


Some of the delicious recipes you may see…

– Quinoa Breakfast Bowl
– Banana Oatmeal Muffins
– Cinnamon Quinoa Bake
– Pancake Sqaures
– Hearty Omelets
– Lemon Pancakes

I can’t wait to start! Look for my first recipes next week 🙂

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