Honeymoon: The Emerald City.

Only a couple more posts left in my honeymoon recap. Finally! Up next: Seattle (The Emerald City!)

We arrived in Seattle via ferry on a sunny afternoon. The weather was perfect (though, I do wish it would’ve been raining – it didn’t feel like Seattle without the rain!) Side-note:  I loved taking the ferry into the city. The vantage point was definitely worth it!




Like the other stops, we immediately checked into our room and headed out to explore the city. No time to waste!







We ended up finding a great happy hour in Pike Place Market. Gotta love fresh fish at happy hour prices!


Then we walked from Pike’s Market to the Elliot Bay Book Company. Marty and I are really into bookstores and try to locate one on almost every trip we’ve ever taken together. We just happened to stumbled upon Elliot Bay but we later came to find out that it was one of the top bookstores in America. We were pleased with our little discovery 🙂

After about an hour or so of perusing the bookstore, we decided to split a baked apple (filled with cream cheese) from this Belgium bakery we had seem earlier (back by Pike’s Market). Hey – you only get one honeymoon…why not splurge a bit? We decided to pop into the first Starbucks store for some coffee to pair with our dessert. I’m not sure why (or if there is any truth to it) but I this was the best Starbucks coffee I’ve ever had!





Yum. Yum. Yum.

After some more exploring, we started to work up our appetites again. Marty was all about finding Dungeness Crab. I had never eaten crab before but figured that I’d enjoy it since I have an addiction to sushi and love most fishes. Again, we stumbled into a nice little seafood restaurant right along the water. Two Dungeness Crabs please! (For any of my vegan/full-on vegetarian followers…I’m sorry!) 


The verdict: OH SO DELICIOUS!

Next stop: An unexpected detour and The Badlands, North Dakota.

12 thoughts on “Honeymoon: The Emerald City.

  1. Wow looks like you had a fantastic time there, the market looks wonderful and all the food looks delicious! It must have been pretty amazing to be in the first Starbucks, now that there are so many around the world. I’m glad you have had so many amazing experiences on your honeymoon 🙂

  2. I love love love Seattle!!! It’s the place I want to go when I break up with New York. That or London, lol. But back to Seattle. Isn’t it great? I love how it has hustle and bustle like Manhattan, but people seem so much happier.

    1. I can’t remember if I’ve told you how jealous I am that you live in Manhattan. If you move to Seattle, I’ll be even more envious! My top five cities in the US: San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, Seattle, Columbus (seriously). 🙂

      1. Oh honey, I wish! I don’t live in Manhattan. I totally wish I did. I do live in New York, but not that Island. If only. It’s been my dream for the LONGEST! And honestly, I get pretty depressed about not living there these days, but rent there is-no lie- between $2,200-$3,500 for a basic apartment. My sister, who use to model, once lived in this studio in the Village-at least I think it was the village-and it was literally the size of a dorm room. It was like she was living in a sad shoebox with a stove next to her bed. Awful. Like many young-struggling professionals-I live in a city I can access Manhattan via train. Not nearly as glamorous, but a whole lot cheaper, lol.

    1. I agree. Gotta love Farmer’s Markets 🙂 It’d be my dream that we could get rid of grocery stores and just have Farmer’s Markets available everywhere. I know it’s unrealistic but a girl can dream 😉

  3. SEATTLE!!!!! MY CITY!! Well kinda..I live an hour south.BUT CLOSE ENOUGH!! I swear Seattle is the perfect getaway for me. You guys should have gone on the new ferris wheel! EEK I love reading other reviews about Seattle. OK I’m done and will calm down now!

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