Honeymoon: Port Angeles & Olympic National Park.

After our day in Portland, we had a couple of days until we had to be in Seattle (room reservation). We had a few options of what we could do but decided on Olympic National Park.

As we drove North, I looked at the map of Washington and noticed that there was an entrance to Olympic about ten minutes from Port Angeles. Where had I heard that name before? OH YEAH – the Twilight series. 🙂

I casually mentioned to Marty that we stop in Port Angeles for an early dinner before heading into the park. He agreed but could tell I was up to something… “Why do you want to go to Port Angeles?” “I just thought it may be more convenient in the long wrong <explains this reasoning>” “That does make sense but you seem overly giddy about this decision.” “Alright! I want to go to Port Angeles because it’s where Bella looks for her prom dress in Twilight. It’s also where she has her first date with Edward.” “Oh! You should’ve just said something. Do you have a place in mind that you want to see while we’re there?” “Well, actually, I do. I just Yelped restaurants in the area and saw Bella Italia. It’s the restaurant where Bella and Edward have dinner together! Is that cheesy? Should we go?” “It’s not cheesy. We’ll go.”

Yet another reason I love my husband.

It’s odd. I’m really not a die-hard Twilight fan but the thought of living out an experience that I’d read about (in a fiction book nonetheless) was too fun too pass up.




We parked the car, took in the sights and headed to Bella Italia. We were the first guests of the evening (they open at 4) and were seated in the ‘Edward and Bella’ table. Cheesy but awesome. I think the ambiance would’ve been more romantic at night but we had a nice time together nonetheless.



After dinner, we set our thoughts on camping. We headed in to Olympic National Park, set up camp and headed out on a hike before sunset. We hiked for a good hour when we started to hear the sound of rushing water. Marty said he wanted to find the source so we proceeded to hike to the bottom of this cliff where we found a rushing freshwater stream. We decided to take a few minutes and enjoy the solitude of this beautiful scene.






The next morning, we woke up around sunrise and headed up the mountain for a hike (before leaving for Seattle.) Hurricane Ridge was BREATHTAKING; I had never seen anything like it. I didn’t grow up in a family that enjoyed camping/hiking vacations so our honeymoon was my first chance to really explore nature and several of our glorious U.S. National Parks. I can’t wait to visit more…






I had no idea how beautiful the Pacific Northwest would be. To be honest, before Marty mentioned the area for our honeymoon, I never had a real desire to venture out there. BOY – was I wrong! In my opinion, this area (Northern Cali, Oregon, and Washington) of the United States is my favorite. I love the weather, the landscape, the people, the ‘green-er’ mindsets – it was just wonderful. If I could travel back out there tomorrow, it wouldn’t be soon enough.

Next stop: Seattle, Washington.

What is your favorite area (or state) of the United States? 

15 thoughts on “Honeymoon: Port Angeles & Olympic National Park.

  1. OK so your camera..is amazing. I need one now. ALSO this honeymoon is SO my speed! I want to get married just to honeymoon it around the US!! You two are adorable. I NEED to go to PA..I live in Washington for gosh sake!

    1. The camera is a Cannon Rebel! 🙂 We decided to do a US honeymoon trip because 1) Marty is a teacher and has the summer off so it was perfect for a three week trip 2) it was MUCH cheaper than flying to Europe or the Caribbean 3) by the time you buy plane tickets, you’ve spent 2000$ – just wasn’t worth it for us! Also, get to Port Angeles! You’ll love it! Very beautiful…

  2. oh my! Looks like a gorgeous place!!! I just always LOVE your pictures. I cannot *wait* to finally rid of this point-and-shoot and get an SLR this summer. When I see pictures like this I just want to go buy it right now!!

    BTW, your husband sounds like a total sweetie pie! He’s a keeper!

  3. Oh gosh those pictures look like they just came out of a fairy tale book. Seriously. The one with the wooden path is amazing. And I love that picture of the two of you by the… dead tree (?) Lol. Looks like you had an amazing time.

  4. That’s so cool that you can say that you got to sit at the “Edward and Bella” table. I bet a lot of teenage girls would be jealous :). I didn’t grow up camping and hiking either. I went camping once in college and wasn’t a big fan, but my friends invited Jordan and I to go camping with them in March, and Jordan convinced me that we should go. It’s just for one night, but I hope it’s not too cold!

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