Thanksgiving: New Traditions.

Woah! Is it already Sunday?! I can’t believe how fast this holiday break has gone. It has definitely been a busy few days but I’ve enjoyed my time nonetheless.

Thanksgiving Recap: I celebrated Thanksgiving differently this year. To begin the day, my sister and I ran the Columbus Turkey Trot. We really lucked out as the weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Sunny blue skies, fifty degrees, no wind = perfect running weather. We finished the five miles in about fifty minutes and then met back up with Marty and her boyfriend, Alex.

After the race, we parted ways and Marty and I headed out to Granville, Ohio to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family. The feast was delicious (I mean, I don’t think Thanksgiving food can taste bad – it’s really the best combination of foods) and it was nice to spend some time with his side of the family.

I have to admit that I was a bit melancholy all week (when I thought about missing my side of the families gathering in Cincinnati) but when the actual day came, I found myself really excited about new traditions and experiences. Truth is: Marty and I can’t make it to both celebrations on Thanksgiving. We have to switch back and forth each year. But that’s okay.

Was I really complaining about where I would spend my Thanksgiving? Regardless of location, I would be with my family.

I reflected on the day as Marty and I drove home from Granville…I had been selfish in wanting the day to go my way, the way I was used to, keeping to my traditions. It’s not all about me!

I think this was the toughest thing to admit.

There are countless families unable to spend the holidays together. Some can’t afford travel expenses, while others can’t afford the food  and I’m complaining about how and where I spend my day? It’s not all about me!

It is through Gods grace that I was able to see my selfishness that day, and truthfully, I had such a wonderful time. There was no reason to have been melancholy in the first place. Delicious food, beautiful weather, amazing family and new traditions.


The next day…

The morning started off a bit rocky. I was on my way to pick up my sister around 9:30AM when my accelerator stopped working on the highway. Thank God that I was still close to home and Marty was able to come get me and have my car towed (which Ford fixed for free- yay!) He dropped me off with my mom and aunt and we headed up to the Morgan House – a charming, old log cabin full boutiques and shops within a building that spans over 18,000 square feet (if you live in Columbus and are ever in the need of Christmas cheer, head to this place!) We spent the morning browsing the festive rooms and then enjoyed lunch before heading out to a few stores to conclude Black Friday.

How was your holiday? If you’re married, do you have to split your time two places or do you switch each year? 

15 thoughts on “Thanksgiving: New Traditions.

  1. Great photos. Sounds like you had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday with all your favorite people ❤

    Whenever Joshua & I would go home for Thanksgiving, we'd split the time evenly. Thankfully my family ate later on, where as his family ate early in the day. It worked out perfect. But for the past few years, we've just celebrated the holiday together & made up our own traditions 🙂

  2. I know the feeling.. we actually didn’t get to see either family during Thanksgiving. It was just too hard for us to make two trips so close together so we’re going for Christmas. When we do go back to Minnesota, our family all lives super close so we fit everyone in!!

  3. Gorgeous pics, Diane! I think it’s so hard to split the time, so don’t beat yourself up about it. No matter what anyone says—it’s just different spending the holidays without your immediate family. But that’s okay! My sister just got married in July, and this was her first Thanksgiving as a married woman. She was supposed to come with us to Thanksgiving, but due to health factors, couldn’t come. She sat moping at her husband’s family’s celebration until she had a similar “snap with it” epiphany. Regardless, what you felt is totally normal! I’m glad you had a positive outlook.

  4. You and your sister are so cute! I had the same feelings this year. We spent the majority of the day with Jordan’s side of the family, and I love them, but I still felt sad that my parents and sister, Molly, were home by themselves for Thanksgiving — Hilary went with her boyfriend’s family, and we don’t have any extended family here. My mom keeps reminding me that things change…I just have to get used to it!

  5. I totally understand, Di. For Thanksgiving, we have to switch back and forth every year, and the first time I had to miss my family gathering I hated it. But it does get easier, and it’s exciting to form new traditions that you and your husband will always share.

  6. All of your pictures are beautiful! It looks like you had a wonderful holiday!

    Luckily, Chris and I don’t have to split the holidays… our parents live very close… like 5 minutes away! Plus, my family tends to do things earlier in the day, while his family does things later.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 That’s great that the timing works out for both of your families. That’s typically what we do for the other holidays but Thanksgiving is about 1.5 hours away from Columbus and all of Marty’s family so it just doesn’t ever look like it’ll work on Thanksgiving. Oh well – gotta keep positive about it (easier said than done!)

    1. Thank you 🙂
      And I really love the Thanksgiving day run too. I’m so glad we signed up this year. It definitely helps to begin the day off on the right foot (gotta love those natural endorphins!)

  7. You have a beautiful family!! Both of you do!! I think it’s amazing that you were able to reflect on your feelings and I think it’s normal to feel a little selfish about these things. The important part is that you shoved those feelings aside and just enjoyed the time with your love!

    Great job on the turkey trot!! Great way to start the feasting! All of these pictures are gorrrgeous.

  8. Looks like it was a nice weekend! What a great way to start thanksgiving with a race. I did a 3 mile walk on the morning of but was feeling a little guilty it wasn’t a run. Haha.

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