Tuesday Thoughts.

1.) I got to the movie theater two times over the weekend. I saw Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2 and Skyfall. In my opinion, neither of them were as great as the critics have made them out to be; however, I was thoroughly entertained by both of them. I hadn’t seen any of the Bond films prior to Skyfall and it definitely lived up to my expectations: a lot of action (some realistic, some campy) and Javier Bardem as an ultra-creepy villain (does any actor really make a better villain?!) As for Twilight, I’d say it was the best one (other than the original.)  Everything ended on a high note and it was fun to see the different twists from the book.

2.) I finally got a new pair of running shoes! 🙂 Mizunos to be precise! It had honestly been a good three years since I last bought a pair. Yes – you read that correctly: three years. While considering the longevity of my old pair, I will say that I didn’t get into running until this past year; however, they’d been my workout shoes for the last three years so they’d definitely gotten a lot of use.

I went for my first run on Saturday evening and could not believe the difference! My feet haven’t fully recovered from the half marathon (they’ve been sore on the sides, I think I started working out again too quickly after the race) so I was crossing my fingers that new shoes would help…and they did! I can’t wait to see how far my Mizunos will take me!!

3.) Thanksgiving this week! I need to make some turkey cookies! Maybe I’ll make some tomorrow with the little girl I nanny for?? I’m thinking one of these (images all via Pinterest):


4.) I’m not big into Black Friday shopping (mostly because I’m not in the market for the majority of sale items and, well, stores are just a madhouse that day); however, this year I’m in need of a new laptop. While I’d love a Mac, I just can’t bring myself to spend the money on one. Maybe one day but for now, I’ll stick with a PC. So…that’s where I need help! I can’t decide between 1) HP 2) Dell and 1) Touch Screen 2) Non Touch Screen. I know I’m looking for Windows 8 but I just can’t decide which computer. Does anyone have any suggestions?!? I’ll be honest – I’m leaning more towards an HP at this point. I’ve just not had the best luck with my Dells in the past!


5.) I’m in love with this new print I ordered from Etsy:

Marty and I both adore San Francisco and would love to live there one day; however, since it’s not in the cards right now, I figured I’d bring a bit of San Fran to Columbus. Thanks Anna See for the adorable print!

Have you ordered anything off of Etsy recently? I seriously have to pull myself off that website. I could spend and spend and spend.

9 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts.

  1. I love your new running shoes! I always try to get the most use out of my stuff, and will probably wait wayyy too long to buy myself a new pair haha! I’ve gone black Friday shopping a couple times, mainly just to experience the crowd. Call me crazy, but it was SO entertaining. Especially when you go not expecting to buy anything. I think I’ll stay in bed this year!

    1. I really do love them! I was between the Mizunos and Nike Air Pegasus and the Mizunos just felt better on my feet. Definitely go for what fits your foot and stride but I’d highly recommend Mizunos 🙂

  2. If I were you, I wouldn’t go with a Dell. I had so many problems with mine during college, so I bought a Samsung last spring. My husband used to have an HP, but now has a Dell, and it has a ton of problems too. I’d go with an HP :)! I love those turkey cookies!

    1. Thanks for the input! I really appreciate it! It’s so hard picking out something that is a more expensive purchase – you know? I just don’t want to make the wrong choice and be stuck with it for the next 4+ years! I am pretty sure I’ll get an HP at this point but it’s just weird that I’ll be switching from Dell. That’s what I always have had too 🙂

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