Tuesday Thoughts.

1.) I decided to dedicate the rest of November to no complaining. That’s right. As of yesterday, I vowed (to Marty and my family) that I wouldn’t complain for the rest of the month. No complaining about work, friends, family and (the toughest of all) myself.  It’s definitely going to be a day-by-day process but I think with intense prayer, thinking through my words (prior to speaking them) and accountability from friends and family – I can do it! I know it’s only been a little over a day since I’ve made this commitment but I can already see how much more positive my day goes when I don’t focus on the negatives. Wish me luck!

2.) This past weekend was really nice. On Saturday, Marty and I went to see one of his students play in the state championship soccer game. They won! 0-2! I’m not that big of a sports fan but I could definitely get into soccer; I always seem to enjoy myself (could be because it’s the one sport I really understand.)

After the game, we headed to The Wine Bistro for drinks with my sister and her boyfriend. It had been a good month or so since we’d gotten together so it was long overdue (and much needed!)

3.) For those that are married (or even those living on their own): do you ever get homesick for your childhood home? Hear me out. I absolutely adore my husband and love sharing my life with him but there are definitely moments when I miss my parents and my childhood home. Why is this? I can’t pinpoint my reasoning exactly, but I think it partially has to do with the season.

I absolutely love this time of year (fall transitioning into winter + the holidays) and whenever I stop by my parents house and see how festive, warm and inviting it is – I just miss it.

4.)  One of the books the I’m currently reading is called Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. A few of the bloggers that I follow have suggested the book to help with overeating and figured that, considering the time of year, there’d be no better time to pick it up. I HIGHLY recommend this book you guys. If you even somewhat struggle with overeating or chronic (unconscious) dieting – you need to pick up this book. I got mine at Half Price Book store but you could also rent it from the library 🙂

5.) I’ll leave you with a couple of the crafts from last week…

11 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts.

  1. I love your “no complaints” challenge. Have you heard of the 21-day commitment, where you put a bracelet on your left wrist, and every time you complain about something, you have to move it to your right wrist and start the 21 days over. The goal is to make it 21 days with the bracelet on one wrist.

    And, I COMPLETELY agree about my parents’ house. I live in a city apartment with a roommate and I still visit my parents’ house at least once a week. Sometimes, if I’m bored, I’ll just pop on over because it’s so cozy, fun, and they have two adorable dogs. I think your home will get infinitely cozier the older you get. It’s like some type of law or something. 🙂

    1. I love the bracelet idea. I think it’d be really helpful (especially once I get further into the commitment!) I’m a very visual person (writing lists, visual learner) so any form of help is worth a try 🙂

  2. I absolutely love your #1. I too have found myself to complain more from time to time, hey it happens… but you are right, whenever you are more positive with not only yourself but with life in general, you just feel so much happier 🙂

  3. I can definitely relate to #3! My parents’ house just feels so much more cozy than our apartment. We still go over there every Saturday for pizza night, and every Sunday for Sunday dinner — and if we miss one of those days because of other plans, I get kind of sad! I might have attachment issues :). This Christmas will be the first time that I’m not opening presents with my sisters on Christmas morning, and I’m afraid that it’ll feel weird. I know I’ll love my first Christmas with Jordan, but I’m just not good with change!

    1. I know what you mean about skipping family time on the weekends. We have dinner at my parents house every Sunday too and I hate to miss it. For Christmas, we still open gifts at my parents house in the morning. Marty and I stayed the night over there on Christmas Eve and we are planning to do the same again this year. I’m too much of a baby to skip it! We’ll probably change this at some point…just not sure when. 🙂

  4. I completely understand your thoughts on #3. I love being married and being out on my own, but it’s still hard sometimes. I live a few hours away from my childhood home now so, for me, I often feel like I’m missing out on things. Of course, other times I’m very very thankful for having some distance!

    1. My husband and I have discussed moving to San Francisco and then I realized it’d be rare to ever travel back to Ohio. I think this would be especially difficult around the holidays. Luckily you’re only a few hours away – 🙂

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