Mind Over Matter: My First Half-Marathon.

After three months of on-and-off training, I completed the Columbus Half-Marathon. I ended up running the entire race (something I really, really didn’t expect to do) in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The night before, I enjoyed a large (I mean large) salmon fillet, a sweet potato, broccoli, asparagus, and a brownie sundae. 🙂 I knew I wasn’t planning on eating a ton before the race so I made sure to fill up on the essentials (brownie sundae included.)

Race Day: I began the morning at 6:00AM. Showered, double checked my iPod playlist and made a small breakfast.

Breakfast of Champions.

Marty drove me down to the race around 7:00AM, we prayed together and then I hopped out of the car and headed to my corral.

I was in Corral F.

When I first signed up for the race, I figured it would take me about 3 hours and 30 minutes. I honestly had no idea of my running ability due to the fact that, even throughout my training, the longest I had ever run had been 6 miles. I assumed I’d run 6, walk 2, run another, walk a few more and then finish strong with a sprint to the finish line. My actual results? 2:30!! 

I have to say…I impressed myself. I know it isn’t the fastest but for someone who could barely run a mile this past January; I was ecstatic.

Is it corny that I got choked up a few times during the race?

I just couldn’t believe that I was doing it. I had talked about becoming a runner for years and I never followed through. After I decided to commit to the half-marathon, there was still a part of me that believed I couldn’t do it. It honestly just felt like an out of reach, overambitious goal.

However…as I turned right onto High Street (the last two miles of the course), I realized: I’m almost done. I’m almost done. I’ve almost run 13.1 miles. Who? Me? It was an incredible feeling. Yes, I was sore but I knew I had to finish strong. Again, an incredible feeling.

After the race, I was on cloud nine. I ate a banana. Then I ate a protein bar. Then a huge cup of coffee. Then half a sweet potato/black bean/egg burrito. Then half of a veggie burger. Then, of course, Jeni’s ice cream.


It has been two days since the race and I’m still in awe; I understand the idea of a ‘runner’s high’ now. What a wonderful feeling. I have to admit: I’m hooked (I already signed up for the Columbus Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot.) I can’t wait to run more races and maybe, just maybe, I’ll one day complete a full marathon. We’ll see, we’ll see…

18 thoughts on “Mind Over Matter: My First Half-Marathon.

  1. Good for you, Diane! You are an inspiration to someone who has only ever run 5 miles…I just can’t imagine doing a half. Congrats! You should bask in this for a while 🙂

  2. You recap was so inspiring. I’m so proud of you for out doing your goals. You trained hard girl, and deserve it all 🙂

    1. Thanks Em! I was going to FB you – I honestly know that if I can do it, you can do it! You have been running for longer than me and have done more physically demanding events than I have (example: Mud Runs x 2!) Just push through it and don’t forget, ‘Pain is temporary, accomplishment lasts a lifetime.’ Also, my go-to verse was Philippians 4:3 and I kept remembering that Satan would try to bring me down and make me believe the lie that I couldn’t do it but all along God was cheering me on, giving me the leg strength and endurance to achieve a goal I really wanted to achieve. YOU CAN AND WILL DO IT 🙂 Can’t wait till you recap your race!

  3. Great job and how addicting running can be. I’ve yet to do anything more than a 5K but look forward to the day of posting about my first half marathon. Very inspirational.

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