Honeymoon: Redwood Forrest.

Only a few more stops left on our honeymoon recap. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to recap but I’m getting there 🙂 After our time in wine country, we continued to make our way up the west coast towards Portland.

We had a day to spare before our room was available so we decided to camp out in the Redwood Forrest for the evening.


Prior to our honeymoon, I had never been camping (with the exception of Girl Scout camp!) I’m talking rustic, bare essentials camping. We had a tent, fold-able chairs, some canned goods (and s’mores ingredients), one sleeping bag (we learned we need two for our next trip out west – it is absolutely FREEZING at night), a few rolls of toilet paper and our toothbrushes. The basics.

Is there anything better than making s’mores at a campfire??

Next stop: Stumptown (aka Portland, Oregon)

9 thoughts on “Honeymoon: Redwood Forrest.

  1. I’ll be honest, I’m going to be sad once all your recaps are officially over. It’s been wonderful seeing all the places you two visited. You guys truly did have such a beautiful honeymoon experience!

  2. You two are absolutely adorable! I love camping, but I agree, it’s so crucial to have the right gear. Otherwise, it’s miserable. My boyfriend and I invested in a pair of insulated sleeping bags (guaranteed to keep you warm down to 10 degrees Fahrenheit), and they were SO worth it this past trip to Yellowstone, when it was 30 at night. We also got these tiny little inflatable mats to put underneath the sleeping bags. And even though I love camping, the longest I’ve ever tented is a week, and by the end, I’m craving a bed and a hot shower and electricity.

    What a beautiful honeymoon adventure you two had! I love your recaps.

    1. I really did enjoy camping but we never camped out two nights in a row; I think that’d be much less enjoyable 🙂 I hated not being able to shower in the evening or next morning!

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