Honeymoon: The Golden State.

Next Stop: Ojai, California. We finally made it to California about seven days into our trip! One week full of beautiful sights with two more to go šŸ™‚

We left Santa Fe and drove through the morning and afternoon until we arrived in Ojai, California. The first thing on our itinerary was to walk along the Pacific Ocean. Neither Marty nor I had ever been to the west coast and we were thrilled to have finally made it!

Next up: seafood dinner! We found a place on the beach with THE BEST HAPPY HOUR! No, seriously. It was the best we’d ever found. We ordered fish tacos, oysters, strip steak and mussels plus two beers for Marty and a glass of wine and Bloody Mary for me (we were on our honeymoon people!) All of this for $26! Needless to say, it was a great find and we were so happy to eat fresh Pacific seafood!

After dinner we walked out on the pier but only managed to take one decent picture because of the crazy wind.

The next morning we were up before the sunrise to make the drive to San Francisco – along the Pacific Coastal Highway One! We knew it was going to take longer but figured there was no better way to drive to San Fran.

Funny story: At the beginning of our trip we pulled off the highway to look at the elephant seals. These guys were huge! Anyways, as we were walking back to the car, we noticed a group of squirrels hanging out by the parking lot. They started running up to people (looking for food) and one even ran up to me. I have never seen anything like it!

Anyways, after the squirrels and seals we were back on our way up the coast. We drove through Big Surr and made a couple of more stops before hitting San Francisco. We even pulled over on the side of the road and enjoyed peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. Doesn’t get more perfect than that!

To be honest, I didn’t have any idea of how beautiful the drive was going to be. I felt like we were in another country!

Next stop: San Francisco (my favorite stop on our trip!)

12 thoughts on “Honeymoon: The Golden State.

  1. You take such beautiful pictures girl!! You and the hubs are beyond adorable together, and look like a match made in heaven.

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