Honeymoon: The Grand Canyon.

Next stop: Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. We decided to stop at the Grand Canyon on our way to the California Coast. I must say – I was completely blown away. I’d seen pictures but nothing can do justice to its beauty and enormity. Have you ever been? 

After we spent a couple of hours walking around the Grand Canyon, we decided to go to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. Mexican food for the 24984x on our trip (it’s our favorite!)

We headed back to our campsite after dinner. Marty set up the tent while I wrote in our road trip journal. I haven’t mentioned this before, but Marty and I kept a journal of our experiences and inside jokes throughout the trip; I’m so glad we did this! After he set up the tent, he created makeshift wine glasses for us – another thing I love about my thrifty husband! 🙂

The sunset was beautiful that night.

Next stop…CALIFORNIA!!!

8 thoughts on “Honeymoon: The Grand Canyon.

  1. just beautiful. I think it’s amazing that you two kept journals of the trip.. such a great idea!! haha, love the wine glasses.. classy @ it’s finest 🙂

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