Tuesday Thoughts.

I haven’t written a ‘Tuesday Thoughts’ post in, well, awhile. I actually haven’t written one since my first post way back in May! Hopefully I’ll make this more of a routine 🙂

1) My half-marathon training is going great okay. I am not as disciplined as I should be (and need to be for that matter.) Marty and I have been staying up until 1AM almost every night and 1) I just can’t seem to get up in the mornings for my run 2) by the time I get home from work, I am exhausted and running is the last thing I want to do. I recently read a great post (written by Katie at Peace, Love and Oats) and it really motivated me to keep up with my training. It takes two weeks to create a habit – right?

2) I received my results for the Praxis exam and I passed!!! I am beyond excited!  This was the next step in obtaining my teaching license and now I only have a little bit more to complete before I’m licensed! 🙂

3) I really love this slide show. Dresses inspired by popular novels. Kind of cheesy but fun.


4) I can’t believe the school year is about to begin. Where did the summer go?! Marty has been prepping his classroom and lessons for the past week and officially starts back next week. The craziest thing is that I won’t be headed back to school. Bittersweet for sure.

5) I haven’t been to a movie in MONTHS. It’s strange. I used to go to a movie every Saturday afternoon….by myself. Yes – by myself and I loved it. I would 1) wake up 2) workout 3) get coffee 4) go to an early showing of a film (around 1130.) Is there even anything showing? Let me know!

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts.

  1. Keep with the training girl, you got it 🙂 I heard the “The Campaign” is really funny if you like Will Ferrell & Zach Galifianakis!

      1. Absolutely. Love Matinee’s.. well maybe i just love the price & how no one is there 🙂

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