Our Honeymoon: And We’re Off.

Happy Sunday everyone. What a busy week(end) it has been. We’ve been home for about a week now so I figured it was time to start our honeymoon posts.

Our trip began on Monday the 25th. At 6AM, we set off for Nashville– or so I thought. Our first actual stop was Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. We arrived to the cave a little early so we hiked around until our tour began.

Both Marty and I had previously been to Mammoth Cave; however, it was something we’d mentioned doing together…so we did! Highlights: ‘Fat Man’s Misery’ (a narrow portion of the cave where you turn sideways in order to pass through); ‘Tall Man’s Agony’ (a short portion of the cave where you must squat down in order to get through); our pre-tour hike.

Next stop: Nashville, TN. We arrived in Nashville around 5PM, got ready and went out for a night on the town. I have to admit, this was my least favorite spot on our trip. Sorry country music fans. Why you ask? I can’t pinpoint it exactly. Maybe it was the uber-touristy feel or the overflowing trash cans every couple of blocks? I don’t want to ‘dog’ the city too much; Marty and I agreed it’d probably be more exciting to visit with a group of friends. Maybe one day we’ll return and have the time of our lives… 🙂

Next stop: New Orleans, LA. This was another surprise pit stop on our three-week journey. We left Nashville on the 26th (headed to Houston) when Marty said he had another surprise up his sleeve. I didn’t have a clue until I began to notice signs for New Orleans every so often. Oh my! I was so excited! We stayed in a B&B about 4 miles from Bourbon Street and the French Quarter. The B&B was amazing. You could tell that the owner really cared about his property and tried to pay attention to the Cajun/traditional New Orleans detail. So fun!

Bourbon Street was something I couldn’t have imagined. People everywhere, street performers all about, big band musicians – basically a party 24/7. Marty was even given a TOGO cup for his beer after dinner. Crazy! Anyways, we only stayed one night in the Big Easy but we definitely look forward to returning one day!

Next stop: Houston and San Antonio. Coming in the next post. Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Our Honeymoon: And We’re Off.

  1. @ Kelli and Eria – Keep Nashville on your list of places to see…just not at the top of it 🙂 And New Orleans was a blast, you should definitely go there if you get the chance! Marty and I plan to go back and I hope to try more Cajun food next time – jambalaya and crawfish for sure!

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