Heart of the Matter

Author: Emily Giffin
Finished: July 2nd, 2012
My Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Before my review, I have to say that I’m sorry for being M.I.A. over the last six months. Life really has been a whirlwind as of lately but, dare I say, I think it is finally slowing down. With graduation, the honeymoon, figuring out a new job and all of the other ups and downs of life, it has been difficult to consistently post. Now that I’m out of college, I have a little more time on my hands for 1) reading 2) blogging. I like the sound of that…

Now for the book…

While I’m typically a fan of Emily Giffin, this wasn’t one of my favorites. I really enjoyed her first three novels (they’re easy and ‘fluff’ reads) but this one didn’t fit the typical mold. I actually found it to be quite depressing. Without giving away details, let’s just say, I expected more out of her characters and found the novel to be predictable and unlikable. I honestly can’t say that I liked any of the characters, nor did I side with any of them. The main characters were whiny, selfish and over-indulgent. I think Giffin wants readers to choose a side but I’m not sure either deserves it.

Giffin recently released her fifth book and I do plan on reading it. I just hope it proves to be a more enjoyable, worthwhile read.

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