Our trip…so far.

Hello from Petaluma, California!
Marty and I arrived here yesterday after a couple of days in San Francisco. I have to say, I am absolutely loving the weather here in northern California. High of 70 degrees, a bit of a breeze, sunny (but cloudy mornings -LOVE) – I want to move here.

Yesterday we woke up early in San Francisco and biked around the park to Arizmendi Bakery (a recommendation that we’re so thankful to have had.) I was told that this bakery had delicious, ‘best-ever’ scones and I say that was spot on. First of all, the scones were huge and really reasonably priced, second of all, they were full of flavor and, well, really the best I’ve ever had. I highly recommend this bakery.


After breakfast, we explored San Francisco some more – even stumbling upon Shakespeare Garden in the park. I loved San Francisco and definitely hope to spend more time there.


When we arrived in Petaluma, we set out for a place to have lunch. We ended up having some salads (and of course chips and salsa) at a place called Tres Hombres. Then we went to the Petaluma Farmer’s Market. We tried some boysenberries for the first time -yummmm! One of the booths offered a bag full of vegetables for $5 so we decided to cook in instead of going out. I am glad we chose to do so because Marty whipped up a delicious meal of red snapper and mussels. We have eaten a TON of seafood on this trip but, hey, I’m not complaining 🙂


As we were settling down last night, I realized we hadn’t done anything to celebrate and remember the troops and our nation. I quickly looked up fireworks and saw that the Sonoma-Petaluma Fairgrounds were setting off their fireworks at ten. I told Marty to hop in the car but by the time we got to the festival; it was too crowded and hectic. I had to think of a Plan B!

I sped off to Whole Foods -which was already closed- so I settled for a 24 hour CVS. I made Marty wait in the car, ran inside, bought some ice cream and plastic silverware and drove back to where we’re staying. After a family of five deer crossed before us, I pulled into the driveway, grabbed the cooler from the backseat, grabbed Marty’s hand, gave him a plastic spoon then the pint of ice cream and told him to wait. I, as fast as humanly possible, pulled up a patriotic music station on Pandora and animated fireworks. I sat down next to him (with a ridiculously cheesy song playing in the background), told him to ‘wait for it’ and then lifted my cell phone into the sky before us as it repeatedly played animated fireworks.

I know. I know. It wasn’t the greatest Fourth of July celebration, but I promised Marty fireworks and I think we will forever remember that night.

As for this morning, Marty and I plan to finish off the last of the scones from yesterday (Cornmeal Cherry and Oatberry- YUM), then we are heading out to some vineyards. Stay tuned…

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