Catching Up…

The last couple of weeks, although a complete whirlwind, have actually been pretty great. I had NO idea how great it would feel to finally have my evenings back (back from studying, reading, and writing for class.) For now, I’m working about three or four days a week but I’m done around 4:00  and can come home and just RELAX.

Some ways I’ve been relaxing and enjoying summer:
– I’m reading several books (yes, I switch from book to book but I always make sure to finish them)  including Promises to Keep by Jane Green, The Other Woman by Jane Green and The Descendents by Kaui Hart Hemmings. I’ll post some reviews on my book blog when I’m finished – I already have a lot to say!
– Going on date nights with Marty
– Enjoying time with friends (I’m reading a book called Discovering God by Dennis McCallum with my good friend Christy. We meet for coffee at Caribou and discuss the chapters we’ve read and then we’ll typically read a chapter together out loud and discuss. It’s a wonderful way to both learn about God and enjoy girltime with a friend.)
– Taking evening walks with Marty and Roscoe
–  Spending time with family
– Watching the Today Show (I know this may sound silly but I LOVE watching the Today Show while working out or drinking coffee – I’ll even put it on in the background at work!)
– Getting in daily workouts (Marty has been coming with me to the gym and, after we lift together, he’ll swim and I’ll do some form of cardio. It is one of my favorite things we do together!)

Other happenings:
Marty took me to Bel Lago for date night. We enjoyed wine on the upper deck and took a walk across Hoover Dam.

Last Sunday, my parents, Marty and I celebrated my graduation by going to dinner at Brio. I can’t tell you how much I love Brio. The food, the atmosphere, the service – it’s always top-notch. Anyways, my parents surprised me with an iPad for graduation (couldn’t believe it; I wasn’t expecting anything!) and Marty surprised me with Fossil sunglasses and a sweet little journal that he entitled ‘Captain’s Log’ for our honeymoon trip. Sidenote: Did you know this is actually where I met Marty for the first time?  

 I can’t wait to see what the rest of summer will bring.

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