Sweet Pepper & Feta Hash.

After church this morning, I was craving something different. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted but I knew 1) eggs sounded delicious 2) we had a handful of red potatoes left from this week. The solution=brunch.

I had remembered seeing some great brunch recipes on the blog, My Little Celebration; this time, the Sweet Pepper and Feta Breakfast Hash caught my eye. The only changes I made were by adding a medium sweet potato along with the red potatoes (we only had four small one) and some scallions.

Sweet Pepper and Feta Breakfast Hash
5-7 red potatoes
1/3 onion, chopped
1 large red pepper
salt, pepper, garlic powder
2 eggs

cilantro, chopped
feta cheese

Heat large skillet over medium-high heat. Microwave potatoes for 5 minutes to soften and then quarter. Add onion and peppers to skillet with olive oil or butter, then add potatoes. Stir occasionally and season to taste. Once the peppers and onions are softened and the potatoes have a little color, remove the pan from the stove, stir in the parsley and plate. Lastly, add the feta and top with your egg.

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