Tuesday Thoughts.

I’ve decided to start a reoccurring post on Tuesdays entitled ‘Tuesday Thoughts’. I think it’s safe to say that all of us are arbitrarily thinking of one thing or another, so why not blog about some of these random thoughts?

Tuesday Thoughts:
1) I’ll start off with a random one – I would really enjoy a big bowl of ‘Superman’ or ‘Blue Moon’ ice cream right now. Yes; that’s right. Maybe it’s a Midwestern thing? I can’t tell you how many times I devoured a cone of this delicious ice cream throughout my childhood. Whenever my mom headed to Meijer, I would offer to go with her just to be sure that we could get ‘Superman’ ice cream. I honestly can’t really describe the flavor to you (maybe vanilla, pistachio, marshmallow?) but it sounds so delicious right now.

2) I have an oral presentation due for my Spanish class this week. Speaking for 8-10 entirely in Spanish=No bueno.

3) I love this blog entry. It discusses the beauty within all women – no matter size or shape. It was written by a thirteen year old girl for the blog Hellogiggles. If only I was that wise at thirteen.

4) I’m thinking about signing up for my first 5K race. It’d be on this upcoming Thanksgiving Day. I have started to run once or twice a week and I know I can do it but whenever I have a difficult run, I get discouraged and quit. I’ve been so inspired by fellow bloggers – Perfection Isn’t Happy, Peace Love and Oats, and Blah Bethany– and their running experiences. What better way to start Thanksgiving than with a 5K?

5) I saw The Five-Year Engagement on Saturday and thought it was kind of cute. Has anyone else seen it? I love both Emily Blunt and Jason Segel so I thought it’d be worthwhile (plus – it was produced by the same writers as Bridesmaids!) but it wasn’t as funny as I’d thought. I’d say that for every few dull moments, there was a humourous one. Several scenes did make me ‘laugh-out-loud’ in laughter but, all in all, I’d give it a 3/5 stars. I have to admit, every time that I see a movie like this-Bridesmaids, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Stepbrothers- I always find it much funnier the second time. Maybe that’ll be the case with this one too.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts.

  1. OMG! Why was I just looking for some of that ice cream in the markt yesterday? You’re right. It’s a Midwestern thing. I’m down in TX and they had NOT a clue as to what I was talking about!
    Gonna do the Tuesday Thoughts next week! Good idea!

  2. I really want to see the 5 year engagement but I’ll be waiting till dvd. I always wait. 😦
    p.s. I’ve never heard of that ice cream!

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