Oh Happy Day: Easter 2012.

So thankful to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for rescuing my broken soul. An unbelievable gift available to anyone who places their faith in Him. He is risen!

Happy Easter everyone! What a wonderful day it was today.

Our morning began with Marty finding his ‘Easter Bunny’ basket on our front porch. The basket was filled with some of his favorite things including a Chipotle gift card, Modern Family: Season Two, and Foster the People tickets (for their upcoming show in Columbus.) Nice work Easter Bunny; nice work.

Next we headed to church to celebrate the reserrection of Jesus. The morning was filled with wonderful worship songs such as this and this. I love worship.

Before heading to my aunts for the day, Marty and I went to my parents house. While opening our baskets, we enjoyed some of my dad’s homemade bread (originally my grandmother’s recipe – so good!) and played with their kitten Minnie.

After we opened baskets at my parents house, the six of us (my parents, Marty, my sister and her boyfriend, Alex) were off to my aunts house. She always does such a beautiful job hosting Easter. The food is always great and the desserts are just delicious – some of which are pictured below. Try not to drool on your computer.

Some more highlights: 1) Marty fixed the batminton ‘ball’ with a gumball and a hair-tie – nice craftsmanship honey. 2) My seven year old cousin, Adam, found a snake just as everyone had sat down to dinner (it was pretty comical to say the least) 3) The ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ for cans – my aunt is so creative 😉 4) Some of us took a walk along the Erie Canal and ended up Lock 22 and 5) Twenty five adults – together – in one house- makes for crammed quarters; yet, we had plenty of food and 6)Marty’s family joined the celebration!

I must say, this Easter celebration was extra special for two reasons: 1) I’m now a married lady! 2) Marty’s family joined us for the afternoon. It went so well. They fit so wonderfully with my family and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. Oh how I love family get togethers. On top of it all, it couldn’t have been a more beautiful day; the sun was shining, it wasn’t too hot or too cold, and the rain stayed away. Thank you Lord!

I hope you all had a great Easter celebration.

Oh! I almost forgot…
Here are some more festive pictures from the weekend:

2 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day: Easter 2012.

  1. Hi Diane – It was a beautiful day. It was nice to get together with Marty’s family. They are very nice and easy to talk to. I had a great day. See you soon. Love you. Aunt Elaine

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