Off to Moyock.

Marty and I spent the past couple of days at his aunts house in Moyock (a little town right near the border of Virginia and North Carolina). We actually did the same thing last year and really enjoyed ourselves, so we figured it’d be a fun tradition to begin. It was honestly a nice little getaway. We didn’t do all that much but it was nice to relax and spend some well needed time outdoors. We went canoeing and go-carting, played corn hole and cards, went out to dinner (we found an ‘All You Can Eat’ sushi restaurant…AH!), prepared a couple of dinners and just relaxed.

It had been a stressful couple of months for both of us (I.E. Balancing a 20 hour quarter at Ohio State with work, church, family and friends plus his two jobs and our obligations) so the time away was much needed.

Side thought: Without being too cheesy (and I realize that this will be cheesy), I have to admit how much I enjoy being married to Marty. He really is my best friend. I never really understood how a spouse could play the role of a ‘best friend’, but I’m starting to get it. There is no one I’d rather laugh with, travel with, play games with or even listen to a book on tape with (we did this on our trip) 🙂 We have such a great time with one another and I truly enjoy my time with him. It still amazes me how much my life has changed in the past year or so. I’m in awe of how quickly God works.

One thought on “Off to Moyock.

  1. Hi Diane – Again I very much loved your blog and again I am so happy that God has blessed you and Marty. I love you. See you on Easter. Aunt Elaine

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