Pancake Saturday: Berry Coconut Pancakes.

Wow, I can’t believe it has been a week since I’ve last posted. Things have been a bit hectic as the quarter is finally coming to a close. I’ve been cooking some but not as much as usual. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I’ll start regularly posting again. Anyways, despite the craziness of my scheudle, I couldn’t skip Pancake Saturday! On this mornings menu: Berry Coconut Pancakes. Mixed Berries+Coconut=Yummy Combination.

The recipe is quite simple. Go about making pancakes as you typically would – you could use Jiffy, Hungry Jack, or make the batter from scratch.Stir in the coconut and berries at this point, if desired, or wait until the pancakes are on the griddle. Cook as you would any other pancake. Toppings: I used light maple syrup and topped with shredded coconut and more mixed berries.

I will admit, these weren’t my favorite pancakes but they were still tasty, and well, pancakes.


Because of my lack of posting as of recently, I thought I’d catch everyone up with some pictures from the last 4 or 5 weeks.

1. Marty surprised me with sunflowers. A perfect surprise on a sunny day.
2. The sunny day I referred to in photo one. This was taken on my way home from work in Granville. Oh how I love Granville.
3. I went shopping at Anthropologie and Madewell. My two favorite stores…if only I could afford them.
4. Treated myself to Orange Leaf after a long day of cleaning in Granville.
5. Typical Roscoe in the morning. He has a bed on the floor and yet he never seems to use it.
6. The ‘cat on a leash’ has made its first appearance of the year.
7. Breakfast in the woods: Coffee, cornbread, my Nook (and Jane Austen’s Emma).
8. The tasty fruit salad I made one day for breakfast.
9. A sweet note from Marty written on a Shakespeare sonnet!
10. Calender at Caribou Coffee. We have become regulars at Caribou Coffee and each month they have a chalkboard calender that you can write special events on – Marty wrote our four month anniversary on the board as we were leaving. ❤

What do you have to say about this post? Any thoughts? Comments?

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