Weekend Getaway: Hocking Hills.

This past weekend was one of the best in a long time. Marty and I rented a cabin in Hocking Hills for ourselves and some of his family members; it was our Christmas gift to all of them (we decided that instead of giving a typical sweater or appliance, everyone would enjoy this a whole lot more).

Oh my! The cabin was so much nicer than I expected. It had four bedrooms, a hot tub, pool table, full kitchen, three bathrooms and fire pit. I think we were all very satisfied.

The majority of our time was spent merely sitting around while enjoying each others company. We played board games, went on a hike, played the guitar and drank a bit too much wine. So many laughs, such delicious food, and many wonderful memories.

Oh – I almost forgot! Saturday was also my brother-in-law, Jack’s, thirteenth birthday. It was awesome that we were able to use the time to celebrate him as well. 🙂 Happy Birthday Jack!! 

The weekend was such a success that we’re thinking of making it an annual gift! I definitely didn’t want to head back to school but all good things must come to an end eventually. Looking forward to next year.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Getaway: Hocking Hills.

  1. Hocking Hills is one of Ryan and I’s favorite places to visit! What cabin did you guys stay in? It’s beautiful. So glad you had a great time; we also love the closeness and connections that occur when you’re out in the middle of nowhere!

  2. Missed you this weekend, but it looks like you had an amazing time with the family in the Hocking Hills. There is something special about family bonding in that atmosphere, sounds like a wonderful present!

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